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Other Design Submissions for Florida

A. Nguyen Nadee Nissanka Nick LeBoutillier C. R. Engel C. R. Engel
C. R. Engel Doris Hoffman Doris Hoffman Al Konetzni Al Konetzni
Al Konetzni Pat Healy Margaret Trepanier Samuel E. Johes Reed Hallock
Sara Peak Selisa Garner Tom Larson Yvette Williams Cheri Bergstresser
Willie Cisler Fran Moshier Kelly Kane Dan Conlan Jean Cognato
Gene Coppola Louis H. Miles Phillip L. Ellis Joan Rotar Iris Kraft
Brittany Graeff Zachary Treder Ariel Watsky Ona Prinzi Yolande Thibault
Lindsey Meadows R. Steranko Katie Reaser Gregory Rimides Helen Mauracis
Jane Kirschner Kayte Bartlett Phillip Reid Joan Kelly Wanda Mills
Emma Smith Amanda Hopf Nancy Ropp Donna Marino Jeffrey J. Aakjer
Dorothy Granger Tanya Weinberger William Sterka Joseph Passalacqua Gerald Dratch
John Ayre Emily Doris Hoffman Alicia K. Skinner Rainia
Gene Weinrich Fran Stahl-VanSchoor Mrs. Lee S. Keio Anonymous Bobbie McFarland
Candie C. Carlton Doris Hoffman Doris Hoffman Marvin A. Berg Sr. Sal Izzo
Tiffany See Lee Lacy Paulette MacKay Eric R. Niebaum Delores Waite

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