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"Oh for crying out loud! Will NONE of the states even toss a crumb to the first people who lived on this continent? I can't believe out of fifty states I can't believe none are honoring the peoople who were already here when the Pilgrims landed. I'm hoping Hawaii, our LAST hope, adopts a coin featuring one of its great Hawaiian Kings or Queens."

"I don't like any of the proposed designs for Arizona. And I am from Arizona. I do think it should have the Grand Canyon depicted and Saguaro cactus artistically arranged."

"I like Washington states winning design. Very fitting, and artistic. Can't wait to see it on my coin in proof condition."

"What happened to the Wyoming design with the cowboy on the bucking horse? No detail, looks like a cardboard cut out. Not good! Should of had Yellowstone on it!"

"HA ha HA!, CORRECTION, Lewis and Clark discovered a WOODEN ARCH, then it was REBUILD in STEEL.!!!!!!!!!!!1"

"NY's SKYLINE was a better choice!, The Ellis Island pushed penny at the museum is MUCH BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!"


"I HOPE OK. #10 IS THE ONE!!!"

"Oklahoma should have a Schooner or something to do with the land rush. Ponca City must be forking some dough to get the pioneer woman on the quarter. I can't believe how bad our quarters are. At least it is not like NH. I am sorry that is the worst quarter."

"oklahoma's # 6 is fantastic. It is so beautiful, and perfectly depicts the state."

"I like the first two proposals for the Arizona quarter. The Grand Canyon is an obvious choice, but the Saguaro Cactus could be fitted into the quarter if need be."

"oklahoma's #3 and #10, are the only designs that should be considered. all others are pathetic"

"I love the Missouri quarter that shows Lewis and Clark discovering the St. Louis Arch."

"Oklahoma #6 is not a humming bird but a scissor tail fly catcher which is more closely related to swallows or martins."

"oklahoma needs a new design team"

"i like ny because it symbolizes our freedom"

"the best quarters are TX, NY, CO, NV, SD, WA, MO, and OR"

"I have lived in Idaho all my life and the falcon on the quarter does nothing to represent the state. Very disapointing!!"

"how do you vote?? it will not bring up the quarter for oklahoma for the design to choose per tulsa world"

"we wish to see a stonger Native American Image, come on it's Oklahoma!!!"

"The Montana quarter is ugly. This state is not known for this type of symbol. Better known for the elk."

"floridas flamingo was the besT!!!!!"

"montana's skull, is artistic. Oklahoma needs real nice designs, all are pathetic, even michigan is better!! lol"

"I have lived in Montana all my life (Ronan) and I tell you that the bison skull DOES represents Montana. It represents Charlie Russell since I was hoping one of his paintings would be on the state quarter."

"oklahoma #6 is beautifully georgous humming-bird and flowers, are the perfect design for the Oklahoma State Quarter"

"The buffalo skull is such a poor representation of montana..lived here all my those who voted for the know nothing about this state.."

"Idaho. A bird head. Humorous. Not cool."

"Um Blondie, that quarter with the drummer and tricorn hat is the bicentennial quarter issued in 1976. Say hi to Nicole Ritchie for me"

"Some designs are just plain BAD. But sometimes the mint had more to do with that because they have final say over the design. Look at Florida's quarter. It looks like someone haphazardly slapped it together with no eye for design. Then take a look at the "early designs" link for Florida and the concept it was based on. SO much nicer. All the same elements, but they tie together really well. Oh, and Wyoming? Someone I think could have been a little more imaginative in designing that instead of just copying the design of their state license plate."

"I'm from New Mexico. We've been joking about putting the atom bomb explosion on our quarter for YEARS. I wanted the inscription "birthplace of the Cold War". lol But truly, it's all in fun. A friend of mine wanted the quarter to depict a drunken state legislator exceeding the speed limit, but probably only New Mexicans would appeciate the humor."

"Best Quarter yet : (1) Nebraska ( great story being told ) (2) Kansas ( simply elegance ) (3) Maine ( beautiful image ). Most the quarters with a collection of items don't look very good."

"My goddness, what was Idaho thinking about, they will have the worst design. All are pathetic!!
Michigan will no longer have the worst design."

"Final 10 coins of OK are UGLY!!! The best one didn't even make the finals. Someone must be paying big bucks to get their coin submitted."

"#9 for Oklahoma makes it look like the state is a rifle pointed at someone's head."

"LOOKS like Alaska has some great choices for its quarter! Oklahoma , what in the world are you thinking of????poor poor choices"

"Idaho's falcon design is horrible !!! Something to do with "The River of no Return" would have been much better."

"Wyoming and Idaho are the worst yet. Wyoming really should have Yellowstone mentioned, and Idaho is boring, theey really shouldve made it like the Oregon quarter, pictures of a forest etc."

"I think that most of the quarters should have 'eye catching' design. For instance Pennsyalvania should had have William Penn on it!Whats the deal?"

"Too bad Will Rogers likeness is not one of the finalists. He represented all that is Oklahoma. I voted for #4 because Native-Americans needed to be represented."

"Which state has (or had) the drummer with the tricorn hat. Help?"

"oklahoma #10 is the best one, all other designs are generally UGLY!"

"Idaho went with the right design, the falcon. The other three designs were ugly."

"Can you beleive that Oklahoma is not getting to vote on a land run quarter design? Here is a link to the designs:
Pioneer Woman...please that is not unique to Oklahoma. What is that peace pipe it looks like a crack pipe...Oklahoma will be known as the drug state with that design! The cowboy and indian woman shaking that ever happened. The proposed designs are a joke. Oklahoma quarter will be the laughing stock of the state quarters. Two dimes and a nickel taped together would be better than those designs!"

"I think that Alaska should have a Siberian Huskies on the coin"

"i think that New Mexico should have a flying saucer"

"should have added color to all new quarters!"

"I'd like to see designs for OK quarters" Quarterdesigns: Click here!

"How could anyone ever possibly think that an atomic bomb is an appropriate option for a state quarter design? Illinois has Lincoln, New York has the Statue of Liberty, Alabama has Helen Keller, and New Mexico might go with a MUSHROOM CLOUD? what are they thinking?" Quarterdesigns: That is a very early design. I'm sure it's not really being considered.

"Top 5 WORST:
1-Michigan - no options on designs
2- Texas - THE ALAMO was BETTER
3- NY - I have a pressed penny with Ellis Island that is MUCH BETTER
4- Maryland - all styles UUGHHH
5- Louisiana - The STEAMBOAT was better"

"I am from Idaho and hate our quarter design. We will be the laughing stock of the country! We need mountains, streams, salmon, farms,pheasant, anything but a bird I have never heard of or seen in Idaho!"

"An idea for Hawaii State quarter could be Pipeling With a Longer Border Doing a Hang Ten on a surfboard with hang loose"

"Your site is really very interesting."

""99% of the people of Idaho have never seen a peregrine falcon", means what? I've never seen a humpedback whale, but I'm content to know they're out there in the wild. I'm sad to hear they're declining, however. Why not celebrate what is? 100% of Americans have never seen the Susan Constant,the Godspeed or the Discovery, yet they grace one of our quarters."

"2007 Quarters
Montana- Elk was better, but still very good
Washington- Best of the designs
Idaho- Best of the designs
Wyoming- Best of the cowboys, but Yellowstone woould have been better
Utah- Best available, but still pretty bad"

"After seeing the design on the Idaho quarter, I may be forced to move out of shame. Notice how Boise as the self proclaimed center of the universe managed to portray itself prominently on the coin. This coin stinks."

"The design for Idaho's coin is simple and will be instantly recognizable."

"Idaho has the worst design ever! I would rank it 50th. 99% of the people in Idaho have never seen a peregrine falcon and probably never will."

"Idaho's choice is one of those outside-the-box choices that will be the right one. The falcon plays off the eagle that is often on the back of our coins. As someone one has already noted, if you really miss the potato, cover the head of the falcon and viola! you have a potato. The only way that the design could have been improved is if the Snake River Canyon had been added to the background."

MONTANA--Decent, but the elk was better
WASHINGTON--Good job, I like it
IDAHO--Decent, but all the other proposed designs were all better.
WYOMING--Excellent choice
UTAH--The worst of the five. They should have went with the behive."

"The thinner than usual quarter, I once read that by mistake the mint used the planchets of the dimes for the quarters. You need to check what specific year it was. Yes!! it has some extra value!!!"

"My choices for 2007, from 1 to 5: Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah (I voted for Utah's)"

"The peregrine falcon was once an endagered species, GREAT FOR SHE that survived!!! Just like, New Hampshire, the OLD MAN BY THE MOUNTAIN, no longer exists, it collapsed! but is being inmortalixed in its quarter, by the way NH, was critized a lot, to me is a GREAT QUARTER"

"You have GOT to be kidding with that Idaho quarter! Lay the bickering aside? Who's bickering? Even the peregrine falcon agrees that it's quarter is lame. All of Idaho's other choices were better. HUGE disappointment."

"Idaho has made a decision: the peregrine falcon with the inscription, "Esto Perpetua," according to the August 14th issue of Coin World magazine. Now, let's lay the bickering aside and bring this website up-to-date. How about it, webmaster?"

"the mesa verde design was much better than the one chosen by Colorado!!!"

"As an Alaskan and a coin collector, here's the story on Alaska's 2009 quarter design selection process: The Commission's timeline says that the final design will be announced by April 2007."

"i love north dakota"

"I saw in a coin magazine that Idaho has picked the falcon for their quarter. I still think it should've been a potato with the state motto "This Spuds For You""

"Montana should have done the elk, and Wyoming should have done the cowboy with more detail. As for Utah (where I'm from), I think it is excellent- the beehive was so cheesy. I also like Washington's final quarter design. I hope that Idaho picks the "Esto Perpetua" one with the river, which I think it the best."

"I have a quarter that is not of the same thickness as a regular quarter. Do any one know if there is any value to this coin."

"The new Idaho quarter design is a joke right??"

"The new Idaho State Quarter should have a potato, saw tooth mountains, or farming. I was very disappointed with Governor Dirk Kempthornes dission. Any way it can be changed? I have collected them all,but feel sorry to have to add Idah's to it.

"what does may it be the word mean on the idaho quarter . is it a spanish word?"

"Idaho's gone with the falcon design. Not bad, but I would have preferred the mountain design with the river forming the state outline at the bottom. Looks like Washington will have the best design of the 2007 quarters."

"Nevada's quarter is my favorite. By the way, Area 51 is outside of Rachel NV, nowhere near Roswell, or for that matter anywhere else in New Mexico!"

"Idaho's quarter is lame. I live hear and I had to have it explained to me why it is important to the state. If the majority of the people living in a state have to have it explained to them, then the design is bad. Why not mountains, or potatoes or generic farmland, the bird is lame."

"Idaho has selected the Peregrine Falcon design as the one that will appear on its 2007 quarter. (7/24/06)"

"Did the Idaho state quarter design past their deadline? Have their governor chose their winning design yet?"

"To the Paul Bunyon commentator: Look over this site, paying particular attention to the MINNESOTA QUARTER, then explain to all of us what exactly you've been smoking. Also, are you the same bumptious individual who thinks the New Mexico "landing site" is Area 51? Very sad."

Quarterdesigns: Sorry for the lapse in updates. I experienced a Windows XP operating system hard drive crash.

"Any idea as to when Idaho will release its design?"

"What's taking idaho so long?"

"Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox....ARE FICTIONAL!!! Putting them on the Minnestoa state quarter is the worst idea yet! But it's your state quarter. If you want Minnesota to be remembered as LOSERS, go right ahead."

"Arkansas: A little too much going on. A much simpler design should have been chosen. Same goes with South Carolina."

"I think Nevada's state quarter is great. Oh, by the way...Area 51 is in Rosswell, New Mexico, not Nevada."

"I have nothing against the Utah state quarter design. In my oppinion, the "Delicate Arch" rock formation should be chosen."

"I'm from Idaho. Go Boise State Broncos!!! I enjoy Idaho's chosen design: Mountains with a flowing river."

"New Mexico should go along with the balloon design. The Albuquerque Balloon Festival is special to Albuquerque and all of New Mexico. This is an Idahoan's oppinion. Atomic bomb? Are you CRAZY?"

"When you think of Idaho, what do you think of? Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes!!! Idaho MUST have a potato on its state quarter."

"I don't know who you are, but stop with the Idaho jokes. "Esto Purpetua" is Latin for "Let it be Perpetual". Besides, if it weren't for Idaho, you wouldn't have french fries. I hear Wyoming and Michigan's state quarter designs are all the talk around the water cooler. BASH on them. SCREW YOU!!! You are not funny in my book."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Wyoming the "Cowboy State"? Hence the design with a cowboy riding a bucking bronco."

"I am a New Mexico native. I pray to God that the proposed design for the Quarter is not the one selected to end up in my collection in 2008. With all due respect to our Governor,in Dr. Phil's words I say to him: "Governor Richardson. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!""Quarterdesigns: The proposed designs shown on this site for New Mexico are very early designs someone proposed. We are still waiting for the actual design narratives from the New Mexico Coin Commisssion

"The bison skull theme chosen for the Montana coin resembles a Canadian Regina commemorative that also featured a bison skull. If reproduced as drawn in the picture, this Montana quarter should be quite interesting and handsome. A real western flavor for this coin. Good choice!"

"Each year has a FLOP: '99-GA, '00-MD, '01-NY, '02-Miss'pipi flowers are all over USA, '03-Alabama, '04-MI and/or TX, '05-TX and/or MI (Altough CA's Muir should had been removed) '06-Colorado, '07- It will be Idaho, taking so much time, I hate the Tapestry theme, '08 will be Alaska for taking so much time also"

"I hope idaho goes with the falcon!!"

"I love Wisconsin ! and the quarter is very good"

"The bison skull IS part of Montana heritage. Charlie Russell was a cowboy artist who called Great Falls his home used the bison skull as his trademark. All of his artwork bears his signature and a bison skull. You can go to most places in Montana and you find a Russell painting (or a replica)including a huge painting of Lewis and Clark meeting the Flatheads in the House chambers in the state capitol in Helena (how many bozos out there know how to pronounce Helena). I once had plans to submit that painting for the Montana quarter but decided it wouldn't fit. That bison skull is as Montana as our big blue skies and our forests. It is also on our license plates. Governor Schweitzer is not an idiot as someone here suggested (who must be from California where idiots elected someone like Arnie for their governor). Our governor did the right thing and picked the right quarter. Right on Brian!"

"The Alamo design for TEXAS is so beautiful, compared to the plain, boring selected, I can only say that Texas is HEAD to HEAD with Michigan for the worst design."

"So,... after the Governor of Montana says on his website that ideas for the state quarter should be "emblematic of the state", he choses part of a cow carcass to represent one of our most beautiful states? It's supposed to be "Big Sky" country...not "Big Skull Floating in the Sky" country. What a waste!!!"

"Please,pick ihe winning design for the Idaho state quarter already. i'd like the bottom right idaho design."

"Montana's quarter was about as ugly as the quarter of my home state-Texas."

"According to the Hawaiian media The official quarter design looks like it's going to be number four on that old page at this site."

"I'd say that the Hawaii quarter will have palm trees or beaches."

"All of these designs are nice,but the Iowa state quarter is the best for me."

"i think i like the michigan,south dakota and utah designs.i'm still curious about the idaho,oklahoma,new mexico arizona,alaska and hawaii designs."

"2007 looks like the best year yet. All the approved designs so far are outstanding."

"I am disapointed with the proposed arizona state quarter designs. I am appalled that people would ridicule their own state in that manner."

"Montana is now the third quarter that is Bison Related."

"Being originally from Wyoming, I can only say that I am completely embarrassed by not only the dreadful coin that they chose, but by the finalist submissions. I think they should drop "The Equality State" logo in favor of "We were drunk when we chose this.""

"The governors from Michigan, Floriada, California, Kansas, Montana and Wyoming are all idiots. They all chose the worst designs for the state quarters."


"Does anyone know when Idaho chooses its design?"

"I loved the skull design2{6/29/06}It's my favorite Montana design thank you for listening..........."

"I love Montana's Bison Skull design, but it really needed the Indian feather. Indians are a part of the USA history and yet they are still ignored in this state quarter program. I hope one of these states with the biggest influence gives them some HONOR"

"I have to say that I am disappointed in the choice Montana made; of the 4 designs that made it to mint, the skull was my least favorite. I feel it does not reflect ALL that is Montana and it's heritage."

"Montana made it official: their quarter design will be the buffalo skull (6/29/06). The elk design was a close second."

"Montana has picked the quarter today 6/29. It is the Bison skull design. You will find this quarter in your banks in January 2007 (and will finally come out in certain Lake County, Montana banks sometime in the year 2525"

"Montana's quarter release date is only 7 months away at most, and so far -- nothing."

"The big rubber raft bucks like a runaway bronco as it swirls and plunges into the roaring rapids of Idaho's Salmon River. Spray flies, soaking the passengers to the skin as they cling for dear life to the raft. Bounce!...Bump!... Splash! they shoot clear of the waves now and slide past canyon walls dark with forests of pine and fir. What an exciting way to see the biggest, wildest wilderness in the Rocky Mountain West. Bighorn sheep live high on the slopes of mountains named Sawtooth, Lost River, and Bitterroot. So do elk and bear and mountain lions. You don't ride a car into this kind of country. No paved roads. You walk. Or ride a horse. Or float though with trusted guides. A few fishermen fly in,landing at tiny airstrips scratched into the high meadows. They fish for trout and salmon in the clear, fast-flowing streams."

"The person who type,In answer to the rapper,I'd have to That person is a mean person."

"I am from Maryland and was terribly disappointed by the design we finally chose. There is so much more to this wonderful state than the state capitol. Every state has a capitol! I like the design with Fort McHenry and even a depiction of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a skipjack or a Maryland thoroughbred would have been nice. Sorry, but don't like North Carolina at all either. Again, another big, beautiful state with so much to offer and see and all you could come up with was the Wright Brothers? Sad!! Pennsylvania and Ohio are both boring and really miss the mark. Michigan would have worked if it had shown the Mackinac Bridge or some other features with it. For Florida, I would have much preferred the Everglades design. Personally, I love Kentucky and Maine the best. They just really represent their states beuatifully. Love New Hampshire (although a depiction of Mt. Washington would have done nicely if not the ill-fated Old Man of the Mountains) and Rho! de Island (nothing says Rhode Island like a sailboat and the Newport Bridge!) a lot too but probably because I'm a little biased, having lived in both of those states as well! Their designs just speak well. I also happen to like Mississippi - the magnolia is a beautiful flower and always associated with Mississipp0i and the South. And even though Nevada and Nebraska have been criticized, their designs also tell something of a story about those states.
David Larson, Elkridge, Maryland"


"Great site. My favorite designs are Maine, North Carolina, and Connecticut -- designs that translate well to the mint and tell a singular story. Likewise, Vermont, Oregon, and Colorado work well. West Virginia's growing on me."

"The Wyoming quarter had to be the biggest screw-up ever. Maybe the numbers were wrong and that design was really chosen as the least favorite. Still can't believe that Old Faithful was passed up for this. I'd take the Michigan design over Wyoming's any day."

"I'm just wondering around reading people comments by the way I like the that someone type South Dakota giant mutant pheasant worries dead presidents."

"Wyoming has two nicknames:The Cowboy State and the Equality State.But did you know that as a producer of beef cattle Wyoming ranks behind such non-cowoboy states as Alabama -and even Ohio and Indiana ? As for equality, Wyoming did lead the nation in granting women the right to vote. Woman were scarce there then,and the men hoped that the offer of the ballot would lure them into the territory.Besides, men outnumbered women 6 to 1 and had little to fear from being outvoted.But when the women got into politics,the men got nervous."

"In answer to the rapper, I'd have to"

"North and South Dakota became a state on the same day so they went in alphabetical order (N before S)"

"New York City is the best,birds sit on the nest,Who lives in New York,My friend named new fork,I chose the Idaho quarter design that has the sawtooth range,My state is strange,Hawaii state quarter is the 50 state quarter,Canada is Washington,Idaho,Montana,North Dakota,Minnesota,Michigan,New York,Vermont,New Hampshire and Maine border, I love to listen to rap music but I love state quarter better then rap music.My favorite state quarter is the Hawaii state quarter,When is the Colorado,North Dakota and South Dakota state quarter coming out.Does Anybody love state quarter more then me???????????????"

"Which came first, South Dakota or North Dakota. Historically from my readings it was never revealed and the papers were shuffled to avoid having one over the other. So, will they be released at the same time?"

"Maryland's is boring....why couldn't we have used the crab???"

"The Wyoming quarter reminds me of one of their favorite sons...a hollow caricature, with nothing inside."

"Utah will be the first quarter with the word "crossroads" on its quarter.
New Jersey: "crossroads of the revolution"
Indiana: "crossroads of america"
Utah: "crossroads of the west""

"No body likes the Wyoming quarter becuase it's just a man on a horse."

"I know I'm going a little far in the future, but, does anybody know maybe what the Alaska Quater in 2008 is going to look like? I think it's going to look like lakes as ice (duh), that show moutions. Just wondering. By- Tails Spicer0207"

"I love the elk design for Montana. It is certainly the one that should be chosen."

"Idaho should use the design of the hawk it holds more interest than any of the other designs."

"The Hawaiian design that shows a picture of palm trees,a flower, and the ocean, which also says Hawaii on the bottom is very beautiful and gives a great image of Hawaii and what it is famous for."

"Speaking of the question mark in the alaska space, wasn't the deadline for the alaska quarter narratives supposed to have come and gone by now?"

"i really like the 1st one saying esto perpetua."

"I agree on the last comment, it does kinda look like Jefferson is about to vomite on the people below, my own story, I have a wild Imagination. "

"I am from Guam.We don't have any 2006 quarters yet. when will they come?"

"Is South Dakota quarter out now?"

"Yeah...and it looks like Abe and Teddy may have eaten some of that same potato salad that set out in the sun too long, as well. And speaking of things going bad...what's up with that lousy Wyoming quarter. That beautiful state surely has more to offer than what they ended up with."

"Washington should have gone with the design including the apples, trout, and Mt. Rainier."

"State quarter is cool,I like school,People play games,What is your name."

"i like this website."

"What will the Montana quarter look like?"

"I think the top left proposed design of the Idaho state quarter should win."

"i have a delaware quarter that is 'upside down' i have had it for a while but is it worth anything?"

"Does it look like Jefferson on the South Dakota quarter is going to throw up?"

"I noticed that the Wyoming design at a distance almost resembles the question mark in the space reserved for the Alaska quarter"

"The person who said the elk was really a pronghorn. You got an antelope, which is a pronghorn mixed up with the elk"

"This has got to be a bigger problem than fat fingered keyboarding...starting in 2009 maybe we can do 8 quarter designs on the parts of speech and in 2010 we can do tenses, and then in 2011 we can do six on the present tense conjugation of "ser.""

"The Washington design is outstanding. Montana is a coin toss between the Elk and the Bison skull. Both interesting. The Elk may get a bit lost in the background and the Bison skull may be a bit stark. However, I think that the skull is nicely designed and would look good on the coin. Sometimes, simplicity is quite interesting and one main theme is quite enough."

"Attention! The person who insists that Montana's Elk design is actually a pronghorn, and that Utah should've chosen Delicate Arch, YOU'RE LOOKING AT THE WRONG PICTURES. How do I know? I'm the one who designed the Pronghorn quarter. My design made it to the Governor, but it didn't make it to the Mint. THE ELK DID. Game over."

"Regarding Colorado: I would have chosen the Centennial design because the mountain was executed so well and the large Centennial "C" is nicely done and appropriately symbolic. Second choice would have been the design with the Mesa Verde. The mountains were quite good and the ruins really added a uniquely interesting motif to this coin. Unfortunately, I could not really appreciate at all the chosen coin because the mountain scene is not rugged or well-defined and instead looks more like someone just took an ice cream scoop to the mountain range. Also, the "Colorful Colorado" banner seems a bit corny, as well as redundant. The coin already says Colorado on it. I think the governor simply blew it here. It looks out of place next to the other quarters in the 2006 set."

"Kudos to Donna Weaver for her outstanding skill in engraving the beautiful "Bison with Badlands" scene onto the Noth Dakota quarter. The detailed muscularity and bone structure of the grazing bison in the foreground is exquisite; and the geographic striations of the badlands buttes in the background are sculpted so well that just turning the coin slightly makes the angle of light hitting the coin really accentuate the contour. Almost a 3-D effect. Really impressive work on an outstanding theme."

"It would be nice if one or two of the remaining states could depict an American Indian into the design; both as a tribute and because the costume and style of the Indian translates into a beautiful coin."

"Pronghorn antelope are ubiquitous in Wyoming and could have been well-designed. The chosen cowboy and bucking bronco should have been more detailed and with the corral in the background. Also, if the coin just featured the majestic Grand Tetons...Wow! What a uniqely powerful coin that could have been!"

"Can anybody tell my who like the Colorado and North Dakota state quarter?"

"There is a new state quarter coming out it is Colorado."

"I can not wait to get the 2007 and 2008 quarter.My favorite quarter is the Utah state quarter.Nobody like the Wyoming quarter design accept me because I like the Wyoming quarter design.The bison on the North Dakota quarter looks like monsters because of there faces and the canyan looks like big boulders,The Mount Rushmore on the South Dakota quarter looks like its flying and Thomas Jefferson face looks like its going to burst.The artist who design the outline of the Ohio state,it looks ugly.I'm drawing my own quarter design,I like to draw quarter to.Everybody like this wibsite but I like state quarter more then anybody like state quarters."

"I hope the 2008 quarter are the best once,if the 2008 are the best I will be happy."

"I think they should chose the Bison skul design to be on the Montana state quarter,It represents the state.I like the Wyoming quarter design that the government chose,it's better then Delaware,Pennsylvania,New Jersey,Connecticut,Massachusetts,Maryland,Ohio, Michigan,and Florida.The person who called Utah ugly,that person is ugly and that person should apologize for calling the Utah quarter ugly.The Instruments on the Tennessee quarter looks like toys to play.I like quarters when they feel up the design.State quarter will worth alot of money in the future.The Hawaii should involve a vocano on the design and the outline of state or Captain Cook that landed in Hawaii in 1778,I do know who is Captain Cook.The Alaska should involve a dogsled on the quarter.The Arizona quarter should involve the Grand Canyon or a desert with mountain range."

"i like your website very much but please do get us more information about it"

"New York state quarter is the greatest of all state quarters."

"You should visit a websit called,they have poor quarter they even had error quarter that saids "IN GOD WE RUST". The person who typed,"You should do something for the 2009 quarter."He's right, you should do something for the 2009 quarter,I'm dying to see which Idaho quarter design they going to chose. Did you know quarter are made in D and P mint.My favorite state quarter design is "CROSSROADS OF THE WEST."

"For the person who was wondering if there was a problem with Utah commemorating an event that happened before its statehood, please note that Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, Louisiana and Missouri also did the same."

"Whhhhaaaattt!....oh please you're kidding me that you're putting that crappy outline design for Wyoming."

"I keep clicking on the Idaho coin hoping that there will be more choices. Idaho is known for potatoes and the shape of its state. Should be pretty straight forward, but we have somehow ended up with some pretty poor choices."

"Im a fan of collecting the state quarters. And I have to admit some of the designs are cool, and some of the designs are a bit boring. But the govenors have chosen the designs they have, cause maybe they were easy to mint!I think the buffalo skull for Montana rocks and so does the elk design.I think the design with the chorus of the state song for Idaho makes the design a little cheese, and i think the out line of the state and the state flowers would make a better design with out the rather langthey iscription..of and here is idaho winning her way to fame.I think the picture of the falcon looking at the state with the motto estoperpetua is a much better design, along with the sawtooth range. i think that the wyoming quarter would look better if there were a back drop behind the cowboy on the horse like devils tower, the tetons, oldfaithfulgyser erupting, or even a prong horn antelope inthe background. other than that I think its kind of boring.Ihope that Montana's features the buffalo skull or elk design.Wash its about time they put a fish on the quarter, but what about the apples and the space needle might could have been good possibilities which would include mount ranier. and lastly Utahs train design rocks."

"I think the the Idaho should be the falcon design. This is the best one that depicts our state. Utah should have had the beehive and Washington picked the best one. I hope Montana pics the caribou. These may be one of the best quarters ever!! "

"Wyoming quarter - how fitting for the "Equality State",'s chosen design is "equally" as unimaginative and blah as Michigans."

"When is the 2006 North Dakota coming out??? And the rest of the 2006 quarters coming out????????
lakin ayers Sumter S.C"

"Am i the only one who likes the wyoming quarter? The coins are supposed to represent not entertain."

"State quarter is the best,I have a vest,I got coin that are big,Do you have a pig,I like the quarter with the lighthouse,I well buy a mouse,Collecting quarter is my life,I don't have a wife,I'm just a kid.Collecting quarter is the best thing to collest in the world,that's a rap yo........."

"I like how all you Montanans made a big deal correcting everyone who mistakingly called an elk a caribou. Look closer; it's not an elk, it's a pronghorn. Ha! By the way, it ought to be an elk. As for Wyoming, what can I say, you blew it. And Utah chose unwisely too, mostly because you can't see what it is at such a tiny scale. It should have been Delicate Arch, and Wyoming should have chosen Old Faithful and leave the bucking horse for the license plates. Washington's is cool, at least one in 2007 nailed it."

"One more time: Utah did not "drop the Arch." The Arch was never in the competition. The end. Stop talking about it. Incidently, not only was Utah not a state at the time of the Golden Spike ceremony, but in 1869 IT WASN'T CALLED UTAH! As for the South Dakota quarter, it was fine before someone insisted on sticking the pheasant in there. Now I like to call it BIRD POOPING ON PRESIDENTS."

"I am from Michigan and like our quarter and think the most plain quarters are wyoming's Wyoming's and WYOMING'S!!"

"Most events on the state quarters happened before statehood"

"Wyoming "The Bucking Horse design can only be improved by having a square quarter (the state outline)."

"Michigan's and Texas' are still the WORST quarters, too simple, just the state outline."

"i just hope that the wyoming quarter is not an outline, of the horse, but a full raised horse"

"Problem with the Utah design. Utah became a state in 1896. The event depicted happened in 1869. I am dyslexic."

"Wyoming. The Equality State. That's almost to ironic to be really funny. While think Old Faithful is a better representation of the state, the design would look bad on the coin...oh well.
And Utah, God that's ugly...why did they ever drop the Arch...."

"I was upset about what they chose for wyoming go with the detailed wersion with the gate in background"

"I guess the Wyoming quarter's reverse will always remain Mint State 70, because it's as FLAT as a roadkill."

"You should do something for the 2009 quarter."

"I am from Wyoming and the quarter they picked really sucked. It is the most plain quarter since Michigan's"

"I would like to echo some of the comments of other poster's on this site. As a person who has lived in Wyoming for over 23 years I am extremely.... embarassed (best term) with the selection of the Wyoming state quarter design. This design is extremely unimaginative and doesn't fit at all with the themes of the other state quarters. Just look at Nebraska of all places! Far better design than what Wyoming chose and we have the beautiful landmarks of Devil's tower, Old Faithful, and the Tetons just to name a few. I think that a far more beautiful and intricate design could have been made to fit more with other state quarter designs. Additionally as others have said, this Icon of wyoming is outdated and at the least the chosen design severely under-represents the beauty and diversity of the state. I'm disgusted, embarassed and outraged and hope that there will be a reconsideration of the design."

"Colorados State Quarter is cool"

"What in world was the Wyoming govenor thinking in picking this design. Come on, couldn't someone come up with a better design than this blah thing. Take a look a North Dakota or South Dakota or even Nevada, they are so much more attractive. I don't think any thought went in to this at all. This great state deserves so much more representation than this. I'm ashamed and I am from Wyoming."

"The Bucking Horse with the fence in the background is by far the most attractive of the proposed designs. The winning quarter design is to blah, no artistic qualities. Who on earth pick this one over the others?"

"The Wyoming state quarter is boring state quarter but I still like it."

"Amen to the post about "elk" vs. "caribou." A caribou is a reindeer! That Montana quarter features an ELK. As for Wyoming's choice, it's just fine. That's precisely what their official logo has always looked like. Get over it."

"Way to go Wyoming! You're the latest entry in the, "Who can come up with a coin worse than Michigan's" contest. These outline coins must take thousands of hours and cost much in human sacrifice to create. Hats off to ya, partner!"

"I like the top left design for the Idaho quarter. Because all you ever see is farmland. Miles and Miles of farmland."

"If the WY cowboy is "incused" INTO the coin it will look great; If it is just a thin outline it will be a poor coin. They needed a wider scope of options (Yellowstone, Tetons, Better Old Faithful) Hopefully the Cowboy will be carved/set into the coin!?!?"

"I'm thinking about the winning design for Wyoming. If one of the other bucking bronc designs were picked, it would wear down in various pants pockets and vending machines to the point to where it would look like the winning design now. As for thinking Idaho's state motto was Latin for "You Want Fries With That?" That was me. I'm also the one who thought West Virginia's quarter design resembled a train trestle near Missoula and hate seeing people calling elk in Montana a caribou. I'm also known as CORRECTION. You can see I'm all over this place. Gale Miller of Ronan, Montana"

"Montana will not pick the caribou because there is no caribou on their quarter design like I have been saying. That design is an ELK. Like I have been saying all along. You come to Montana and call one of our elk a caribou and you will be told to "GO BACK TO CALIFORNIA WHERE YOU CAME FROM" by one of the locals. Trust me. I've seen it happen."

"I was extremely upset that the golden spike design was picked instead of the beehive design. But i'll get over it in due time."

"I am 2 for 3 so far for '07. I am starting to think Big Sky Country might win for Montana. Please stop bashing Utah, they had no better options, bash WY instead!"

"Ever consider adding a poll for people to choose their favorite designs that weren't adopted? (e.g. The Star-Spangled Banner for Maryland instead of their capital building, or a Michigan design with more than just the state outline and the lakes)"

"Is the cowboy on the winning Wyoming quarter done with an "Incuse" design???"

"delaware's might just a man on a horse but represents a history event, hence its beauty. just like louisiana the music heritage makes it beautiful, or nevada's horses, in the beggining I thought the one with the playing cards was the best, but when you get to know the truth of the horses, 50% of wild horses live in nevada, makes it beautiful"

"Wyoming should have put Old Faithful."

"I finally have reached the idea the Utah picked the best option. WA picked the best option, I am sure. WY picked the worst option. I still think ID will get river flowing and MT will get Caribou."

"The Wyoming quarter, with its bronco and rider silhouette, is just unimaginative and flat. Wyoming is so much more than this silly and unrepresentative vestige of Old West - it has Yellowstone, the greatest National Park of them all, with unimaginagble wild riches, as well as the Tetons and the Windys, and this far more permanent and meaningful heritage would have been infinitely more appropriate. Shame on Wyoming and the Mint for picking this ridiculous design."

"After having spent more than 50 years in Wyoming, I can't begin to express how disappointed I am in the less than plain design of the Wyoming quarter. It doesn't even look half done. While it is good to avoid a cluttered design, this design goes to the other extreme. Even the Romans exercised more sophistication in their coinage. It would be much better to have some relief or raised surfacing on the bucking horse and to improve upon the plain lettering of "The Equality State". This quarter doesn't even fit in with the rest of set. I certainly hope the US Mint will exercise standardization for the set and fix the Wyoming design a bit."

"does anyone know when the Montana and Idaho select their winning designs for the quarters?"

"Can somebody please convince the Government to vote again and change the proposed quarter on Wyoming?Because it looks horrible.AND PLEASE GO FOR THE GEYSER DESIGN BECAUSE IT ROCKS!"

"The person who typed "You want Fries with that?" please tell me who you are because that was a good joke and you're funny"

"Please stop calling the elk on the Montana quarter caribou. You must be from California"

"I love this site, and have recommended it to numerous friends. I love the States Quarters, what an inspired idea. My only quibble is I can't believe that so far not one state has featured Native Americans/Indians. Totally amazing to me that the first Americans have been shut out so completely."

"I love the mushroom cloud design for the New Mexico quarter."

"I see Idaho has their state motto on the quarter designs. Is that Latin for "You Want Fries With That?""

"The Government picked the outstanding choice for the Utah and Washington quarter! Waiting for Montana,Idaho,and Wyoming. The Arizona quarter should have the Grand Canyon on the quarter. The New Mexico quarter should have hot air balloons quarter. I don,t know what the Alaska quarter going to looks like. I dislike the DE state quarter. It just a man on a horse"

"Nevada is arguably the best quarter. It certainly is the best first quarter of a calendar year. Too bad they kept the mintage low. By the way, I'm NOT from Nevada. I'm from California, and yes, I liked our unpopular, low-minted, quarter. It was astonshingly popular amongst most people here."

"2007 Designs Announced:
WA: Mt. Rainier/Trout.
UT: The Golden Spike.
My picks for the other three:
MT: Caribou (might be Bison skull, I doubt)
ID: River flowing (design #3)
WY: Old Faithful (no doubt)
What an underdog with Utah and the Spike. This had lead to (fear) that Montana will go with the bison skull. My doubts are that the Spike had more harmony than the favorite, Beehive. The bison skull has no more harmony (or anything else positive) than the favorite, Caribou. If you ask me, Caribou will be it and we'll see the third straight no-motto quarter. (As of the end of '06, there have been 5)"

"I can,t wait to see the 2008 state quarters."

"I'm from Utah and I will not accept the beehive design on the Utah quarter"

"The BEST: Maine
THE GOOD: Delaware, NJ,Mass.,R.I., Vermont,Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, N. Datkota, plus a few more
THE BAD!: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Alabama, Michigan, Kansas, Nevada

"Washington and Utah picked two outstanding choices! waiting for Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming"

"My name is Brandon Rochez. I love the new york quarter I will collect the New york skyscraper crystal collectible"

"The Golden Spike design won the Utah online design poll with 52% of the total vote. I believe their governor has decided to make that design the one he'll submit to the Mint."

"The old faithful design doesn't look very mintable."

"The very best ones for Hawaii are numbers 7 and 9!!!!"

"For Utah the best design would have been the arches but because that is no longer an option, I feel that the one that best represents the state is the Beehive design. It really focuses on the people of Utah and that is one of its greatest aspects. Although the railroad and spike is also a great reperesentation, it just does not seem as asthetically pleasing, and the snowboarder is cool but should not be on the quarter. Besides the Beehive would not seem cluttered on the small coin, and it is easily recognizable. The beehive is all around the best design left for Utah."

"I am from Utah and I love the beehive state design, I think it represents the state and its people very well, it is my favorite for Utah."

"A potato for Idaho?? Enough with the potatoes. A blue bird would be fun.....or something with the Snake River.... or all the falls."

"Why not the Beehive design for Utah?"

"The golden spike design does a fine job of commemorating promontory point but not Utah."

"Either the trains or the behive are appropriate;however, the snowboarder is clearly a boost for the ski industry and not representative of the state as a whole. H.A. Sutton"

"idaho should squeeze a potato in its quarter!"


"Who is the moron that thinks that Washington refers to tha Nation's Capital, Washington-D.C. This is the State of Washington where the Seattle Mariners plaY!! Folks it's your history and your geography!!!
by the way washington state will have one of the most beautiful quarters, the leaping salmon is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!"


"Just let the Utah majority decide what they want on their own quarter. There's nothing wrong with ANY of the 3 choices. And once more, IT'S JUST PLAIN "PROMONTORY," NOT Promontory Point."

"They better put Beehive design on the Uath quarter or I get bored of it. I love the Mt. Rainier/leaping salmon design"


"Washington's governor chose the Mt. Rainier/leaping salmon design as the one that will be minted for 2007. (May 4, 2005)"

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