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"Wyoming must have "yellowstone" on it with maybe antlers around the edge (like the rope on the texas coin)and a wildlife scene with old faithful in the background. Americas first national park!

South Dakota has to have Mount Rushmore. I was there last summer and this is what best represents this beautiful state."

"There is nothing based Yellowstone on the Wyoming quarter. I think it should feature something like Old Faithful and a bison. Then maybe a caption of "The First National Park in the World" It shows something that a lot of people can recognize and is something that most people think of when Wyoming comes up."

"Utah should have two trains coming together and the golden "spike" in a gold color!!"

"Hope the Minnesota coin has the INCUSE design chosen, this would be VERY UNIQUE regardless of the design picked."

"Everything's big in Texas? Not imagination obviously."

"The diamond ruins the Arkansas quarter. It makes the lovely landscape look like clipart. Also, you should show the new nickels, of which there's going to be four....."

"All are fine to date and what is wrong with the Michigan design. We have the most shore line, the most boats, and the best water recreation in the nation. The state outline showing the five Great Lakes is very complimentary to Michigan."

"Now that we've had a chance to see the Mint's versions of the five finalists for the California quarter, I sure like the Golden Gate bridge design the best...I hope it wins!"

"I think the Mint has to tone done the artwork so that it is easier to imprint it on the coin. I mean you can't have a masterpiece to be put on such a small coin. I live in California and my favorites is the one with the Golden Gate Bridge without the Hollywood Sign and the Yosemite one. I really hate the sun and the waves."

"I have some suggestions so here are my two bits: Oklahoma's indian design is nice, but should have something with Will Rogers. Colorado should have Pike's Peak (Purple Mountain Majesty). Idaho should have a potato with the state map. Alaska should have the Iditarod at the bottom and the Big Dipper/North Star at the top. Utah should have a beehive and seagull. Wyoming could have Old Faithful (for Yellowstone Park). I'm still thinking of one for my home state of Montana. Tune in, folks."

"Cheers to the creators of the proposed Oklahoma design! A sincere thanks for acknowledging the Indian Territory from which we take our roots and not selling out to the struggling oil industries that supported our industry for a brief period, or the much celebrated land run that realloted the very land which was promised to the American Indians that were forced here from so far away. Please support this suggested design. One minor suggestion might be to remove the semi-circle commerating the 5 Eastern tribes, as it may take away from the endemic tribes that thrived here for centuries before the territory was created. Thank you."

"What is sooo fascinating about these states outlines? With all the rich history that exists in every state, how can states only think of the imaginary lines that delineate their state boundaries and feel that's the best they have to offer. Michigan - takes the cake! NOTHING but an outline! The lowest level of creativity yet!!!!! Makes even New Hampshire look great. Texas - an outline and a star! Wow! I bet Kaansas is an outline and a sunflower. Whew! I bet creative minds spend weeks coming up with these ideas."

"Response to "Oh you Californians" - The states are ultimately chosing from what the Mint submits back to them, and often, better yet, typically, the Mint versions are weaker than the "amateur" submissions. How many times has it appeared that the Mint has changed a drawing just to change it, so it's "theirs", when the original was much better. Going to written versions lets the Mint get away with total mediocrity, since we have nothing with which to compare their drawings. I don't think their work is so "professional". I think it's the other way around, so many times I've thought how the Mint has turned a very professional looking submission into something amateur-ish. Shame on the Mint for such weak drawings from which the states must choose and for changing the rules mid-stream, dis-allowing "drawn" submissions."

"If I designed a quarter. If it was choosen as one of the final five designs. Also, if I liked my original design better than the US Mints version. So what! Who cares! I would be happy just making the cut, and be happy that my concept was rendered by the US Mint. Whining artists ruined it for everybody else now! Now the US Mint doesn't even want to deal with artwork. It is very sad, how the US Mint had this idea to how everybody could help play a role in the designs. Too bad it didn't work out. I think it was a great idea. Especially since people that live in the states know what their states mean to them, not what the professionals feel would be engravable on a coin."

"Oh, you Californians and your recalls ;) I think they all look pretty good considering their choices could have been better. The addition of the condor with the sequoia is way better than the artists version. Most of the initial designs are unrealistic - you can't engrave shading the way the artists drew it. Some didn't even bother to include the year and other requirements. This is exactly why the mint went with the written versions, because people don't understand what can and can't be engraved on a coin. If you asked me, leave it to the professionals, not the governors and a bunch of amateurs. I bet they could have come up with better designs than what most of the states have chosen. Look at Michigan's, they must be joking."

"The mint' s artists have done it again, botched up some decent artistic ideas that were submitted for the California quarter. The quarter design that I liked the least, the setting sun and ocean waves, came out looking the best. Isn't this an appropriated time to request a recall ?"

"This narrative rules reminds me of the blind men describing what an elephant looks like"

"Michigan and Texas are definitely going to get the "No Imagination Award" from me. Michigan, you could have at least left the automobile (one of mankinds most significant inventions) in the design. Maryland was up there until I read the history of its submission, so I can live with it even though I would have liked to have seen something else. Pennsylvania, how could you leave the Liberty Bell or something historically more significant off of your quarter. The true essence of the Mississippi quarter is lost on the raw coin, but if you've ever seen a colorized version it's spectacular."

"I can see it now on the narratives. The mint will draw a design completely different from what the narrative had in mind and you will produce a major wyner like the Missouri quarter designer."

"Visit this web site to see the Mints changes to the CA state quarter designs:"

"How a hollowed-out Snickers bar, floating down a broccoli-lined river, with a mishapened arch in the background, can garner the number three spot in your poll, is beyond my comprehension!!!!"

"You should add the four "state nickels" that will be out in 2004 and '05. Circulating commemeratives may indeed be the wave of the future."

"Does anybody know what the Texas quarter looks like? Some people do but it is not listed and I can't find it anywhere"

"For Minnesota, forget the Loon, it's already on just about everything! Go with Paul Bunyon & Babe the Ox---the true pioneers of Minnesota"

"To the person asking about the Texas quarter where did you even see the design. I've not found ANYTHING of a final Texas quarter design being seleceted and I'd like to see it"

"Does anyone know what the plant in the Texas quarter design is? I can tell that the flowers on the bottom of the design are lupines, or blue bonnets. However, I cannot make out the identity of the branch that is located in the upper right hand side of the design." Quarterdesigns would say it represents the Texas state tree - pecan

"Michigan's quarter is unique in it's own way. The great lakes are treasured throughout the world. The Great lakes are also a major industry in Michigan. The Great Lakes are also extremely noticable from space making them a beautiful landmark from thousands of miles away. I am proud to see the Michigan State quarter feature such elegant bodies of water and an outline of the greatest state in the U.S.A."

"The designs that feature a single image from the state’s history or geography are more interesting than several small images. It breaks my heart that South Carolina, with our rich history and beautiful geography, chose a politically correct design."

"This is true: the designer of the Wisconsin quarter lives on a dairy farm, rides a Harley and she and her husband own a bar. Totally Wisconsin!"

"The Michigan State Quarter is the worst quarter I have ever seen. How much more boring can you get. State outline with lakes surrounding it. The Governor once again made a bad decision."

"As a resident of Wisconsin I am thoroughly embarrassed by our horrible cow/cheese/corn quarter design. I just want people to know that not all Wisconsinites are uncouth hicks; just the majority of us are!"

"Come on Michigan. Are you deliberatley waiting this long to get the final design out in the open. Hurry the h*%@ up!"

"To the individual who questioned the Braille spelling on the Alabama Quarter: I too have noticed that the Braille actual spells "hele kell" with the last symbol in her last name being undecipherable. What I think I know is that the two dots appearing first on both lines are indications that the entire word is capitalized. This makes sense, since the name HELEN KELLER is all in cap's. So why the misspelling? Could it be there just wasn't room? I'm not sure but I'd love to know."

"All you people complaining about "state outlines" as PART of the designs. Be careful what you ask for. . . The 2004 designs will be the bottom of the barrel!!!"

"I am Wisconsin born and bred and I would not vote for an INDIAN on our state quarter, because of all their pettiness about Indian logos etc. Ethnic discrimination be damed, what about us white folk?"

"Too many people have complained about how the mint has changed designs, so now they want descriptions so the rest of us won't have a design to compare the quarter to."

"Surely the Michigan design has been selected by now - how come the secrecy? Last time this happened was when Helen Keller suddenly appeared on the final design of the Alabama quarter. Maybe the Mint was displeased with Michigan's selection. I can't say I disagree."

"The best state quarter is New Brunswick. Yeah I know, it's not a state, but a Canadian province. The Canucks had twelve state quarters in 1992, and I think that the designs are all pretty good. Plus the millenium series of 1999-2000 and the queen's golden jubilee quarter from last year. With the 37 canadian, fifty US and quarters from The Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Ecuador, Barbados and the Eastern Caribean consortium, there are almost a hundred designs in circulation in North America."

"What do you mean no pigs for Iowa. Iowa is a farming state, it needs cows and pigs and beef cattle and corn. And yes, I am from Iowa."

"I agree with "broccoli" about Missouri. I think that many people agree with that. How the mint cannot see the artist has a true gripe is beyond me. That coin could have had several critiques before they minted it. (Or at least one critique.) Instead they take away all the rest of other states/artists priviledges of sending artwork, only narratives is such a joke. I have no idea how they are going to write narratives. It's like the Mint is taking revenge against ALL artists now.
The original artist should be somewhat involved with the final design, is that too much to ask? They should have at least told the artist "We are changing the canoe to a snickers bar (dugout) for historical accuracy." Even better yet!! The artist could have explained, the arch is not accurate, and then research would have PROVED that. As for the broccoli trees, that should have been changed after the first critique. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY, not narratives. Well that's my 2 quarters, oops, I mean cents. Oops again! I mean sense."


"Missouri coin: That "coin" is an abomination....two pieces of broccoli floating in outer space, disembodied, lurking near a mouse hole that's disguised as a McDonald's, while a half melted Snickers bar spins aimlessly for an eternity. No wonder why the original artist is upset."

"I'm surprised to find so many people praising the Mississippi quarter. I think it is clearly the worst of the lot because it's impossible to really see what it is, it just looks like a blob. I like Kentucky, Maine, Connecticut, Tennessee and New Jersey best so far. State outlines are so uncreative. I like the upcoming Arkansas quarter with a diamond and a duck on it ... an unusual combination."

"There is so much history in Pennsylvania. Why didn't they put something better than what they did. They could of put Independece Hall, Liberty Bell and so much more!"

"Some of the designs seem to be more tourism or business promotion than honoring the history or beauty of the state. If you took a poll and asked people: "What states come to mind when I mention the 'U.S. Space Program'?" How many of them are really going to answer: "Ohio!". Come on! I'm in Texas, so I don't have any bias (yet!), and I think Connecticut's coin is the most beautiful. I don't get why everyone hates the Maryland coin. I think it has a nice classical coin look to it - simple and elegant. The worst? New Hampshire - by far!"

"Illinois is mediocre at best. 21st State and Century - how catchy. But Kentucky's is excellent, though I'm not sure I'd call it "the west". I like the Iowa choice too, but as for Michigan, what kind of choices are those? They are all so similar, and all so.....incredibly dull. Forget the state outline and just leave the early automobile."

"Top 5 person. You wouldn't be from the east coast by any chance??? Kentucky, Mississippi and Illinois are best. (From the west)"

"I love this site it's the VERY BEST site for the 50 state quarter designs. But does anyone know if Oregon has started yet? After all 05 is only about a 1 yr and a half away now. Also when will Michigan Texas and Wisconsin select their final designs? They only have a few more months left now"

"I'd certainly agree Pennsylvania and Maryland are two "of" the worst, but not "the worst". I think a few others are pretty lame, also. And Maine... okay, but not my favorite by a long shot. I think they made the light house too small (see Carr's original). Of course, it's all just matter of opinion and tastes, anyway. My top five are Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts."

"No PIGS for Iowa! Yea"

"Yes, does anyone know where to find the US Mints timeline deadlines for the states? Before they just decide on their own?"

"PA and Maryland are by far the worst of the quarters so far, with so much history and events in the Revolutionary and Civil war, they really let us down. Maine was by far the best so far."

"It is July 11, 2003 and I havent seen the State of Michigans FINAL design yet! The quarter comes this coming January 2004. Michigan's govornor needs to make a decision soon."

"The mint MUST reconsider the "narrative description" amendment to design submittals, or cancel the program altogether. Words are no substitute for lines, composition and visual aesthetics."

"Our governor (Iowa's) has indicated the "Foundation in Education" quarter design has the "inside track", regarding his potential selection of the state quarter."

"Iowa's Governor pulled a political move and chose Grant Wood's "Foundation in Education/Arbor Day" picture over the much better Grant Wood picture, "Beautiful Land" This was a shameless nod on the part of the Governor towards his number one political supporter in Iowa--the Iowa State Teachers' Union. It's an extremely unfortunate choice and runs in the face of overwelming support among Iowans for The Beautiful Land design. Iowa ranks bottom in the nation in offering true school choice to it's citizens and the one-room school house depicted in the coin design has long ago been replaced by the consolidated factory schools of which Vilsack is great promoter. I will feel shame as an Iowan everytime I hold one of these quarters in my hand. "A Beautiful Land" portrayed Iowa in it's most essential and noble beauty---an image that should be upheld and be proud of. Instead we get an idealistic image of government institutional control. No wonder so many people leave the State."

"That's not the first time that's happened. For instance, none of the designs we saw submitted to the mint by Alabama included Helen Keller. When that design was chosen it came out of nowhere. I'm curious how that happened, but not surprised. Obviously the process doesn't adhere to strict rules, and quarter designs are changed throughout the process. Apparently we shouldn't get married to any quarter design until we actually see it. Doesn't seem fair, but in some cases that's good; hopefully there will be vast improvements made to some - Michigan's in particular."

"I do not understand what is going on??? Did you see Iowa and Texas coins submitted to the mint? They did not redesign all the submitted coin designs. It appears that the mint is really simply designing their own coins for the states doesn't it? Or is it just me????"

"I have a question on the Alabama quarter. What does the braille inscription read? I had heard it was the name 'helen keller' but after staring at it and translating from a braille site on the internet I get '?hele' '?kell?' (where ? represents an unknown value). Any help would be appreciated."

"After reviewing the mint versions of the Iowa quarter I like the 'Beautiful Land' one the best."

"Well, we are getting closer to a pig on a US quarter!!!!! Thanks Iowa!!!!!"

"I notice so many designs submitted to the mint have shading in the artwork. This obviously can't be done, and may be a reason so many people think that some of the Mint's versions look weaker. Note Iowa's Grant Wood entries, Minnesota's two-toned north stars, the clouds on the Florida original, and the original young Abe on Illinois. You can't engrave it like that. For that matter, some don't bother to use the correct font or text size for the state and year - California's ocean waves design, for example. Why would these be taken seriously? Also, the Mint knows a thing or two about scale on a quarter-sized canvas; they’ve been giving us beautiful coins for decades. Although I don’t agree with all the choices the Mint has made, even worse are the complaints about them making some of the quarters too plain. People shouldn't take such offense to their reworking of the designs - I think most of them look as good as they can, especially given some of the bad choices the states presented them with."

"Little one from Kansas, you are so wrong. STOP, or I'll drop a house on you and your little dog too! Check your information before you go online. "enough""

"Dear "About the arch", Right on target. Simplicity. It's a quarter, for goodness sake. Outlines - NO! We know what shapes your states are! What happened there? What makes you special,... unique?"

"Well, it really could have been either river on the coin . The historical accounts I've read says the Corp of Discovery established a training camp on the east bank of the Mississippi River, north of St. Louis. From there they went up stream and entered the Missouri River. Of course, the better decision would have been to left the "straddling arch" out, all together, regardless of what river it is. Too hokey."

"About the arch, why do you think it is the Mississippi River? It's obviously the Missouri River that they are on because it is the Corps of Discovery - so Illinois has nothing to do with it. It's not so much that it is spanning the river that bothers me, it's that it is there at all. And about the Minnesota quarter, please tell me that no one has speant 50 hours on the designs we've seen so far. Hint: get over your state outline, and stop trying to put so many elements on one tiny quarter. A nice Minnesota quarter would be a canoe gliding atop a lake in the forest - end it there."

"OK, the arch question first. The arch crosses over both sides of the Mississippi river, it should only be in Missouri, not Illinois. Because of Jackson, the rules were changed so that states were to send in finished drawings, ending the "concepts" as were submitted in 2003. See California's designs, they are the result of this change in policy. I understand that the balance of the other states for 2005 have been excluded because of the LATEST policy revision. You will really be ticked when it is reversed yet again for the 2006 states to be honored. I have told Paul Jackson that it was his own state that misled him the most. The artist that you spoke of as a finalist in Missouri's "contest" actually had the best original drawing. I still say publish your drawings and do the narrative, be ready for any quick changes in the process, it has happened before! Agreed, the program is losing more luster everyday, and it didn't have to come to this sad. . . state."

"Dear Minnesota artist, Couldn't agree more! This was an arbitrary and capricious decision on the part of the U.S. Mint. It completely dishonors all of us who have been waiting patiently for our States to participate in the program. It's a slap in the face for all the researching, planning, and drawing we've done. I continue to be, "Disappointed in Kansas" (2005)"

"I have not spent hours, or days creating design concept drawings for my Minnesota state quarter. I have spent months of hard work and dedication to this. I have created OVER 50, yes, FIFTY design concepts for the state of Minnesota. To write narratives for them all is so overwhelming for me. To describe only one design would take me forever to do. There is no age limit to be able to create quarter designs, these poor kids are going to have an even harder time trying to write narratives. This is really going to take away from our state quarter. It seems unfair that other states had the chance but I/we cannot submit artwork. Almost like discrimination to me with all my hard work I have put in this. It wasn't a blow for me, it was a stab through the heart to hear this new rule change. I understood that I was only submiting a "design concept" I knew that if I won, the mint would redesign the artwork. Who cares. I agree the artist in Missouri had a better rendering, but I feel that he should feel HONORED to have his design on the quarter, the artist acts like it's a disgrace, it is not a disgrace by all means, the redesigned quarter works and gets the message through anyhow. That is the important thing, for example: Not the degree of the arch, how many people in the boat, the bow of the boat, the oars, etc...the message is still very clear. That is the important thing, and the mint got that across just fine. To describe simply one coin, proportions and where exactly one image starts and the next image is located, WOW! That is going to be very VERY hard to do. Very VERY dissapointed in Minnesota. Another solution would be for the original artist to be more involved with the mints redesigning a little bit, compromise or something, not just throw our Minnesota artwork to the curb now! That's no solution! That's just totally unfair."

"Dear "Been there", I'd be curious to know what Paul Jackson's "excellent points" were. What I observed was someone who apparently had not been following the Fifty States quarter selection process and then jumped in, assuming that, 1. he "should" win, (I guess, because he's a professional artist) and 2. he began making incorrect statements about how the process worked. He claimed he was told, if accepted, his design would be minted "as is". All of us who have followed the process and have, or were looking foward to participating, knew the Mint would "rework" (unfortunately, in most cases) the drawings. A friend, and former co-worker of mine was one of the 5 finalist in Missouri. He knew the Mint would redo his design, if selected, and accepted that as part of the unfortunate reality of the process. Jackson then began a whole series of insipid behaviors trying to bully the Mint into "seeing" things "his" way. Mind you, I'm not defending the Mint. I think they've botched many good submissions, but Jackson's approach was a bunch of inane stunts that, I believe, caused the Mint to disallow any more actual drawings to be submitted,... now just written descriptions of concepts. Sure, I agree, other artist's, also, have been displeased, but Jackson's approach was misguided and ineffective in the end, and hurt all of us to come later. I appreciate your encouragement, but my skill is drawing, not writing, and I'm "still" disappointed not to be able to submit my idea for the Kansas quarter. By the way, your comment about the arch spanning the Mississippi meant what?"

"Friend from Kansas. You have many, many more to thank than just Paul. Your congratulations should go out to several state artists that have verbalized their displeasure with our mint. Take your pick from almost any states that has gone thus far and you will find almost in every case disappointment about the program and how things change once they get their fellow citizens involved. Only Mississippi has had no conflicts. Wait til you see what they do to Californias' and the rest of 2004's. Paul has every reason to complain and has made excellent points along the way!!! The arch spans the Mississippi River on the Missouri quarter. I suggest you send in a drawing anyway, these things have a way of creeping into the mint (if you are so honored to be a finalist). Trust me on this and get started on your idea, don't worry about who does the drawing, the glory is in the concept and you will have the proof. No one can take that away from you!!!! Signed, Been there (for my state), and loving it!"

"What a shame the Mint threw the baby out with the bath. I'm sure most will not even notice the difference - that State residents can NO longer submit drawings of design concepts or that States will likely NOT have nearly the enthusiastic participation as in the past. I, for one (and I'm certain many others) am very disappointed NOT to have the opportunity to submit a drawing for my State quarter dollar design. Even though, I believe in general, the Mint has done a poor job of "redefining" the drawings, it was still a fun idea to think about having my drawing selected for my State. Now that's all gone. I suspect we can thank the "whiner" from Missouri, Paul Jackson, for screwing it up for all the rest of us. Thanks alot Jackson, you got the whole program deleted for all us who follow Missouri AND your belly-aching got Missouri a mediocre coin. -Disappointed in Kansas"

Quarterdesigns comment: Recent revisions to the design process are unfortunate. Beginning with quarters released in 2005 (after California)the mint will accept only narrative descriptions of design concepts. The change is a sad reaction to prevent another fiasco like we saw in Missouri.

"Being a coin collector for 35 years, the state quarter program is very exciting, especially since it has created such interest among the general populace. Now that I have found your excellent website, I am using it as a tool to generate even more interest among my friends. To try to determine a rank, I broke down the coins in groups of 5 and then ranked within each group. Based upon this grouping, 2001 and 2002 were the highlight years of my favorite designs thus far. My tops by year were Conn., Va., Ky., La., and Maine, with Vt. also being in my top 5 overall. I notice that several of your visitors didn't like the La. coin, but I think it is very nicely designed and historically signficant since 2003 is the bicentennial of the greatest land deal in U.S. history. Being from Alabama, I must say I was stunned by the choice of Helen Keller to represent our entire state. Although she was maybe our brightest star citizen, I think most Alabamians think of cotton, our battleship, our rockets and space program, our Indian heritage, the heart of Dixie, or the Crimson Tide when thinking about our state! Since this program is such a success, let's just start over once the ten years are up and give us a chance to GREATLY improve our Alabama design next time around!!"

"The original Florida's "Gateway to Discovery" is much better than the mint version. However the overall theme reflects our past and the present. I'm really glad nothing depicting Florida citrus was amongst the finalist. The Department of Agriculture is chopping down our trees. Many residents and city governments are seeking to protect our constitutional rights and save our trees. To most of us in southern Florida the orange is no longer a representation of our state."

"Royal Gorge bridge? That's so cheesy, please, I hope that is NOT on the Colorado quarter. I hope they go with a scenery quarter like Maine's. That is Colorado's best and most distinctive characteristic. Definitely Rocky Mountains (perhaps Pikes Peak, Longs Peak or the Maroon Bells) with a field of Columbine in the foreground. Maybe an elk or bighorn perched up on a rock. If it's Pikes Peak it can even say "America the Beautiful"."

"I am interested in the State quarter for Colorado. We think the Royal Gorge Bridge is distinctively Colorado with Pikes Peak in the background, and perhaps include our Columbine."

"Soap Container Person here - Absolutely,...Blue crabs,... better yet! Would have made a good MD coin. Would have had the simplicity of the Delaware quarter and the VT snowflake design that lost out to the maple syrup collecting. I concur with Quarter Designs webmaster that the VT snowflake would have been a great coin. And yes,... I agree with the person suggesting the Blue Crab,...a few really well designed animal coins could look superb (wild ones, better so, than domestic). I wish Arkansas would have done that with their waterfowl idea, and left the rest of the "stuff" off, like the hovering diamond, for example. A nice, "tight" rendering of a pair of ducks exploding off of a marsh with a few windblown cattails would have looked great. Quarters are just too small for lots of stuff."

"Folks, why hasn't anyone mentioned the fact that the St. Louis Arch is clearly planted on both sides of the Mississippi(Missouri quarter)! Yes the trees look like broccoli stalks and the boat a carved out cucumber being paddled through muck, but when will the wholing begin about the inaccuracy of the design, I think it just did. I think the Illinois and Alabama quarters are a nice balance to all the scenic and single element designs. The best thing about the program is how unpredictable and varied the quarters designs, even after 25 of them!"

"Missouri should've put a mule on their quarter to honor the muleheaded people who put Lewis & Clark on there when there are a few Western states where they left their biggest marks. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn would've been a great idea."

"When I think of Maryland, I think of BLUE crabs, not horseshoe crabs. Furthermore, I think it would have been a great single element to have on the Maryland quarter - sort of along the lines of the "Treasure the Chesapeake" motto we see on the license plates. Louisiana would have done better with an alligator than all those tiny inconspicuous symbols. Perhaps more animals will appear on future quarters - they have proven to be on some of the classics in the past, like the buffalo nickel, the soaring bald eagle on the Sacajewea dollar. Could the buffalo reappear (North Dakota), or an elk (Wyoming), trout (Montana), bighorn (Colorado), or grizzly (Alaska)?"

"I accept your apology, I'm glad we're all clear about each others view points. I also apologize, I should have said; "Soap Container Person." And who ever makes the decision for the Iowa quarter, please do not use the pig/cow design."

"Horsecrabs, Maryland, etc.:Well, I've waited several days for any cringing Marylanders to respond. Having heard none, I apologize for offending the writer of "Well the problem is...". I obviously misread your intent and honestly, was just trying to get a little dialogue going. Wasn't anticipating the name calling, however. Since you don't know my race or sex, "Soapbox Boy" is totally uncalled for. And, I lived in Maryland for eighteen years and happen to know we found horseshoecrabs pretty interesting. They've been around since before the dinosaurs and are vital to many species of migrating shorebirds who depend on their eggs for sustenance. As with any quarter, different opinions will be present, so obviously many Marylanders would agree with you. But many would also agree with me and have said so. Most, no actually all, Marylanders I've talked to about the quarter don't like the image selected, and if you check this website you see nationally, Maryland typically is only beaten out by NH as the least favorite Fifty States quarter. And I certainly wasn't saying it would have been my choice, either. Maryland could have done so many better designs. So apology offered. I do, by the way know something about design, as I'm an artist. And to the person who suggested I "take a pill", you're right, too. You notice I didn't mention MA or NY when complaining about outlines. I think they're pretty good, as they only add one other well placed element. It's just the outline and a bunch of "stuff" that I find unattractive or weak (see for example proposed Michigan designs)."

"Reader Response to Soapbox Boy: I took another look at the message, it's very clear. If you can't understand a basic idea or the simple basics of graphic design, I can't help you. I don't understand YOUR point! Try reading the message again! If your going to complain about the design of the quarters, offer a solution! As I said, the more you look at all of the visual ideas for a state the more difficult it becomes to choose one idea, I never said that the quarters should be filled with lots of images about the state, I only said it would be difficult to make one idea work. Horseshoe crab, you've got to be kidding! Ill bet the Maryland folks cringed when they read that."

"Yes, there are a couple bad looking quarters out there with lots of stuff on them and then there are a couple bad looking quarters with just one single image, but lots of good ones too. I think it's hard to come up with one design that pleases everyone. I don't mind some of the state outlines, I don't think they're so bad. This person who doesnt like the state outlines needs to take a pill."

"I, also, think the Mississippi image is striking. I wish it looked as good in the hand as the "drawing" looks on screen (see enlargement this website). It's a little confusing when I look at the real thing. It was my only hope for any good coin to come out of 2002. I also liked the Everglades entry. I'm afraid the shuttle won out with sentimentality vote, however,...and that's okay, I guess. With you on the "pig" issue - PLEASE,... NO PIGS on U.S. coins."

"If Iowa puts that design with the cow & pig head on it, New Hampshire is out of the celler! Maine has a nice design, but why must America wonder, which ship, what lighthouse?"

"Just sorted through my change jar and ended up with all of the first 20 coins. The most aesthetically beautiful one is Mississippi. Unlike many of the other designs, that look stilted and rigid, this one has "good lines" and the coin looks even prettier the longer you look at it. It is like a good still life painting. My next favorite is Maine, which is a lovely seascape without anything gimmicky. Tennessee's has the most appropriate and unique iconography.
I think Florida missed having a cool one when they didn't choose the jumping swordfish or the Everglades one. Of the "proposed" designs for yet-to-be-minted quarters: Iowa should definitely go with the feeding the world one, with the noble cow and pig.
Least favorites: its a toss up between Louisiana and Missouri. Louisiana's is just muddled. It should have been resplendent with jazz and alligators. Missouri should have gone with one of the pretty gateway to the west designs submitted earlier, or with a really bold sculptural one of their wonderful arch: the current design with an indifferent arch stretching over a less-than-mighty river seems somehow like waiting in drive-thru line at you-know-where."

"Reader response to: "Well, the problem is...". Help me understand your comment. Sounds like you're saying, we have so many "important ideas", we just can't leave any out. Hence,...what? another cluttered quarter? I don't get your point. I can't believe there's any state out there that can't come up with any one of several grand themes. Take Maryland, for example, are we to believe Maryland has nothing to offer any better than the dumb looking, squared-off bottomed, top of a state building? Maryland - land the Eastern shore, Annapolis, Baltimore, the Inner Harbor, history out the whaazoo? Golly, a horseshoe crab would have been more interesting than that building top thing. Come on! And Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, is that the best they could do? One last gripe, I think as soon as you start with that state outline, no matter how proud you are of it, you're bound to start down the road to mediocrity. Look at PA, OH, IN, and LA... plus, again, SC and G! A. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox."

"Well, the problem is, that some states are easy to come up with a grand theme while others are very difficult. The more you think about the theme the more important ideas you come up with that you feel are important to the design. I think Iowa is going to have a difficult time with this. There are many ideas but no one single idea that stands out more than the other. What ever they do, I hope they don't choose the war theme."

"Just checked the Florida website and the shuttle design has a substantial lead, as one would expect, given recent events. Assuming it wins, it's just one more example of the original submission being better than the Mint's redo. Do they have any trained artists at the Mint? The original ship/shuttle design has diagonal lines in the ship that complement the lines in the shuttle. The Mint redo has the ships lines leaning away from the shuttles lines and creates an awkward overall feel to the coin. Plus, reducing the size of the elements does nothing to enhance the design. They've done this several times already to good submissions and in my opinion it has never improved the overall appeal. Still waiting for a Mint redo that's better than the original. It seems they should set aside their overactive egos and admit they don't need to "redraw" every idea that comes their way."

"Missouri used the L & C design because "crybaby" Jackson badgered them into it. The design with the Native American on the bluff was a great submission, until the Mint screwed it up (see original submission), too. Couldn't agree more with the "why is the arch in that view?" and "diamond hovering over the water" comments. Both are "hokey"!!!! Simple, one theme designs are BEST!!! Just look at voting results on this website. RI, NJ, CN, NC, KY, all one theme designs, always top vote getters. To quote an old song "when will we ever learn?" many states....never. Multi-theme, knicky-knacky, coins just don't make good coins!!!"

"Missouri should have used one of the other designs they had - there were some good ones - and let one of the other states where actual discoveries were made use the Lewis and Clark theme. They jumped the gun with the 2004 anniversary (as Virginia did with the Jamestown Quadricentennial), and why is the arch in that view? Same with Arkansas, why have a diamond hovering over the water? I know it's the Diamond State, but it looks like a U.F.O."

"The "21st State/Century" for Illinois was a cool idea. They butchered Missouri's L&C design!"

"Oh, come on Ohio! Can't you come up with something better? And you, Texas--Texas is an amazing state and all you have is a state outline and a star--on ALL FIVE of your submissions! Real creative! Same for you Michigan, although marginally more creative."

"I was very disappointed in the mint's designs for the Florida quarters. They are oversimplifying the designs."

"The America's Spaceport is the most important design for the Florida Quarter, even though the mint eliminated some of the design elements. I hope this one wins!"

"Come on! That person's gotta be from Illinois. I love Abe, but that coin IS NOT in a class all its own. Abe peeking through that hole in the coin shaped like Illinois, IS NOT CLASSY! It's mediocre, like most of the rest. Daniel Carrs original Maine submission, before the Mint screwed it up....that was classy! I like the idea of Lincoln, but that Illinois coin is like too many others....overworked."

"The latest states are not that good. Because they cram to much stuff in. They are hard to like. I hope it will improve soon."

"The Illinois Quarter / In a class all its own! It tells a story."

"The 2003 coins are average at best with the exception of the spectacular Maine quarter; no slogans needed here, the scene says it all."

"Missouri picking Lewis and Clark before states like Montana and North Dakota has a chance reminds me of Ohio and North Carolina fighting over the Wright Brothers. Oh well, we have other ideas for Montana"

"Well, 2003 is only slightly better than 2002 (my least favorite year),... only one of those insipid state outlines this year! Unfortunately, I see more coming down the line. Thanks, Pennsylvania, for starting us down the road to "dullsville"!"

"I only voted for the ones I even like at all...the rest are ugly...after all 50 come out, New Hampshire will be number 50"

"Had the Mint used the Vermont snowflake design, that would have been my favorite." (Quarterdesigns agrees. The Vermont snowflake was one of the memorable designs that inspired me to create this site.)

"I like the quarters. My kids have at least two of each one except for Mississippi, because I have not seen those yet"

"Simple designs work like RI, Conn, Mass, NY. Designs with state outlines and other items are boring."

"Most with state outlines are trying too hard, one blazing image makes the best coins."

"Some of the submitted designs are much better and more enduring than the designs chosen by the mint -- is the mint even remotely in touch with the American psyche?"

"I like the ones that are unique to that state, like Indiana and the Indy 500; North Carolina and the Wright Brothers airplane; Ohio, the Flyer and the astronaut; Tennessee, the Grand Old Opry instruments; Vermont with yummy maple syrup. Some of the ones that are natural are pretty, but less clear about what it represents. I hate to disagree with the person from Arizona, but I hope the Grand Canyon is on Arizona's quarter. Best vacation we ever had! :-)"

"I must say something. I think putting a picture of Helen Keller on your coin is one of the stupidest ideas ever. How does one person, even though she was very amazing, represent an entire state? This is a very disappointing design in my opinion. Let us hope other states can come up with better."

"I personally enjoy searching for the new quarters. It becomes a mission. I like the ideas of putting state outlines with different items. However, now that there are twenty quarters out this design idea is getting old. I have personally submitted three different designs for my home state, California. One is the state outline idea, one depicts a miner from the Gold Rush, and another depicts the grizzly bear. I hope that one of my designs can make it to at least the finalists."

"I had never been interested in coins until the 50 States Commemorative Quarters started. I like the design selection process and am willing to live with whatever the residents of each state select."

"To me, the three best quarters so far are Rhode Islad, Vermont, and Kentucky. They don't rely on symbols and state outlines, instead they transport you to a unique setting as though you're looking through a tiny window into that state. Nearly as good are the states that chose a historical scene: New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and Delaware. They are action shots, and a window into the past. There are other great designs, no doubt. Connecticut and Mississippi are simply beautiful, and the musical instruments are perfect for Tennessee. Most disappointing to me is Louisiana, a state rich in culture with a unique identity. It's the last state I thought would rely on symbols and maps - it's too much. The design that was unfortunately not used, the riverboat, would have been among the best."

"some of them just suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The Connecticut charter oak is still the only design that I marvelled at the first time I saw the coin. Most of the state outline designs are a mistake."

"The man in the mountain is by far the worst. Having the state outline is one of the best features on most of the quarters."

"Overall, the designs are good. Some states are fairly boring, however, and many times the original designs have been ruined by the US Mint and Fine Arts Commission. I must also point out that, being from Indiana, the state outline in the northwest corner is horribly incorrect"

"I like the quarters with the state in the background"

"Some of the quarters are a little plain and I think ya'll could have done a little bit better on some of them."

"Washington Crossing the Delaware for New Jersey???!!!!

"These are some cool coins!"

"The quarters coming out so far have been awesome!, Can't wait for the rest."

"I realize that each state has it's own significant things to put on their quarters, but I really do like the quarters with scenic pictures. Also, when I was ranking the quarters that weren't my favorites, I noticed that many of them looked the same to me. I couldn't really decide."

"The 2003 and 2004 designs are getting progressively worse (icon-outline clutter), and the Mint's versions are sometimes worse than the state's submissions."

"I like the Tennessee quarter because of the designs of instruments on there, I also think the Indiana one and the Mississippi one will be 2 of the greatest. I want to see what Arizona, Nevada and California would look like. The Ohio quarter is a nice good picture of the state, I like the ones with the states like New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Georgia. Nevertheless they are some outstanding quarters. Right now I have all including Louisiana, I am now looking for Indiana and Mississippi. Thanks for listening. bye :)"

"All of the coins are just beautiful. I was able to collect a lot of some and a few of the others. I just started collecting them in the year 2000. Please continue with the products."

"I think the ones with animals and flowers look the best."

"And I thought MD and NH were bad! 2002's coins are all really poor except for perhaps Mississippi, which I'll have to see in hand."

"I love the Indiana race car design. It's such a universal, world-wide symbol. Everyone all over the world will know it because of the world wide attention given it from the Indy 500. It was marvelous. Other countries won't understand some of the designs if they haven't studied American History; but the Indiana quarter will be known all over the world...."

"My submission is not a vote, but an opinion. After seeing Mississippi's quarter design, I felt that the one with the outline of the state with the mockingbird and the magnolia would have been a better choice. However, upon closely seeing the winning design, I see some symbolisma in the winning design. The two magnolia blossoms represent Mississippi's becoming part of the United States, first as a territory in 1798 and then becoming a state in 1817. Each of the magnolia blossoms have six petals that make up the flower. This symbolizes the nations that have ruled Mississippi: 1) The Native American Indians, 2) France, 3) Spain, 4) Great Britain, 5) The Confederate States of America, and 6) The United States of America."

"The quarters are AWESOME!!!! I'm collecting them!!!!"

"My kids and I love to collect the quarters. We live in Arizona and hope that the Arizona quarter is not the Grand Canyon."

"I think that the Alaska quarter should have a dogsled team on it. I can not draw a dogsled so if you could make one that would be great!!! I like all of the designs so far!"

"I like quarters that have natural stuff on them, and that really represent the state. (the more the better)"

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