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These are some earlier comments from visitors to

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"Michigan = awe-ful"

"It's very sad that so many people on comment to belly-ache and complain (GET A LIFE). If you don't like them, don't collect them. AND if you don't live in the state and don't criticize their design. Last, for the person who doesn't like this website, go somewhere else. There are some I like better than others, but I am collecting all of them."

"I don't think that school children should have the right to vote, because they don't realize how Nevada came into existence. The mining is what brought Nevada into existence because of our gold and silver to give us statehood."

"South Dakota: giant mutant pheasant worries dead presidents. Nebraska: a team of chihuahuas haul settlers past a melted Statue of Liberty"

"Why pick a buffalo since Kansas already has this approved for their quarter. WE need something else."

"North Dakota has selected the Bison design:"

"Michigan = awesome!"

"You don't have anything I'm looking for. This website was such a waste!"

"Please no more novels on our quarters! The front of the quarter already has too much verbage on it. Ohio - this means you! Worst quarter ever."

"An Idea for Nevada State quarter: State Outline, Dice and blackjack card and the word "Las Vegas""

"I think that we should vote for the buffalo quarter for North Dakota because it looks way cooler than the geese."

"sup yall this is a 13 year old student of Mary Starck and i have a Susan B Anthony coin and im told its worth a lot"

"I'm 47 years old. I wanted to tell you that it's hard to to decide which design is nicest but the ones that don't really appeal to me are designs 2 & 6. Designs #2 and #6 say history not Hawaii. As soon as I saw design #2 I thought of WW2 and thought 'I hope they don't pick that one'. One that gives you the natural visual feel of Hawaii as soon as you see it would be nice."

"My mother has a California quarter that says "In God We rust". What should she do about it? Is it worth something?"

"Utah should have the state bird, the state flower, a mini sized Utah outline under a rock arch with a mountainous backround. The mini Utah would have "Industry" in the middle."

"Washington State Quarter Commission created: "

"South Dakota--what a joke. Once again a compromise of two good designs has led to a ridiculous juxtaposition of images. Thomas Jefferson actually looks concerned about what may happen next!"

"Here is what we should have for Montana: Charlie Russell and/or one of his paintings. Jeanette Rankin, Something to do with mining. Something with a grizzly bear."

"Hawaii's quarter should have the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Utah's quarter should have the historic union of the Transcontinental Railroad, specifically the two trains face to face in Promintory, Utah. The Washington quarter is for the state not the nation's capitol, Washington D.C.. The Arizona quarter should have the Grand Canyon."

"Colorado should mint the 'Centennial State' quarter... the Maroon Bells are perhaps the most beautiful mountains on this continent -- and who, when thinking of Colorado, does not conjure images of mountains and scenic beauty?"

"The Michigan State Quarter Dollar Design is very Beautifully Minted. The Five Great Lakes and the State Outline are some of Michigan's Best Features I Am Particually Fond For Michigan's Quarter Because I Designed Temperance,Michigan"

""Well, Nebraska, welcome to world of lousy Fifty States Quarter choices. Join the rest of us who are disenchanted with inferior, cartoon-like images. Fortunately, the program is drawing to a close and hopefully the U.S. Mint will think twice about embarking on another program for which they really have little interest. It had much potential, yet has produced only a handful of even "good" coins."....I think that's the idea. I feel the mint is afraid that if the coins are too unique or beautiful, people will hoard them, and they won't circulate. Better to keep them "plain" or "average" looking."

"I agree that Oklahoma is known for more than indians, but don't forget that the word "Oklahoma" is an indian word that means "Home of the Redman". I like the idea of putting Will Rogers on our coin, but I also like the "End of the Trail" figure as well. But must it come down to whether we do or do not like indians? Maybe we should put a tornado on the coin, surely that wouldn't offend anyone."

"I think the Idaho quarter should have the state's outline and potatoes on it."

"The 10th Mountain Division Quarter for Colorado is GREAT! When I think of Colorado I think of amazing mountains and even better skiing."

"The whole bison thing is being overused now. It's like practically every plains state has a design with one in there somewhere. By the way, the White House for Washington would be a horrible idea considering it isn't even there in the first place."

"I think some of the designs are getting better, the Minnesota one might be real good. I like the way it has items in foreground and background. still hope some state will use an "Incuse" strike/design. (Wyoming could be good with an incuse)"

"is there a mistake on the missouri quarter?"

"Based on the US Mint Designs for the Colorado and North Dakota quarters, I think Colorado would be best served to choose either the Mesa Verde or 10th Mtn. Division design. North Dakota should go with the design that features the landscape and waterfowl (the others look like designs already used for Iowa and Kansas, respectively)."

"Can anybody tell me what to look for on the wisconsin quater?"

"I think that Hawaii's quarter should have a girl hula dancing with a palm tree.
I think that the Washington quarter should have the white house on it."

"Please no more state outlines. Minnesota that means you! Michigan's quarter looks like a Rand McNally advertisement. Kentucky, Vermont, West Virginia, and Maine (all small states) are all wonderful. Please no novels on coins (see Ohio's awful thing). Worst coin is a tie between Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania."

"I think that Alaska's should have a caribou looking up at the sky with an auroa and the big dipper (Like Flag). On the ground below the cliff there could be a small dogsled and the words "Auroa Borealis" or "North to the Future.""

"Maine is my favorite state quarter, followed by South Carolina, Kentucky and Georgia."

"I haven't been to the actual spot in Nebraska so it might not work, but has anyone thought that the sun could be rising and not setting????"

"What is the value of a Wisconsin quarter with two corn leafs bending down?"

"Looking at the Nebraska quarter designs, I think they will go with Chief Standing Bear. The Chimney Rock design is really the best, except they have the wagons going the WRONG WAY!!! DOH!"

"Here's a link to info on the Wisconsin quarter variation:
Apparently there are two versions, with the mistake on the husk of corn. One version shows more corn than the other because of the placement of the leaves."

"My favorite quarters are Missouri, with the Gateway to the West. The arches are such a powerful image representing the beginning of exploration and settlement resulting from the Louisiana Purchase."

"After spending most of my life in Texas, I can't picture the state without a bluebonnet, an oil well, cattle or the ALAMO. The Lone Star needs some company."

"What is the mistake that was printed on the Wisconsin quarter?"

"I have an idea for Arizona: A cactus. How many other states have this?"

"I really enjoied Texas, North Carolina, New York as well as Ohio. I've had a lot of fun collecting the state quarters! I Thank the US mint for starting the state quarters. I will enjoy colecting them as we go along! I think Pearl Harbor would be a very intresting idea for Hawaii."

"2005 quarter comments:
California-- Nice, but too crammed together! Hate it when those Condors come crashing in your face!
Minnesota--Again, nice, but a little too much going on, don't quite know where to look.
Oregon--You kept it simple, and a great depiction of one of our National Parks! Beautiful!
Kansas--O.K. We know you claim the buffalo, but MANY a buffalo over the years have been on coins!
West Virginia--You also kept it simple, and looks great! This will be one of the favorites!"

"I have some ideas for these states:
UTAH: beehive and a seagull.
IDAHO: a potato on the map of the state.
NEW MEXICO: hot air balloon.
ALASKA: Ididarod sled dog with Big Dipper and North Star above.
WASHINGTON: evergreen tree
WYOMING: Old Faithful geyser"

"Some suggestions for future quarters:
Montana -- Lewis & Clark travelling with Sacajawea
Wyoming -- Yellowstone
Oklahoma -- Will Rogers
Alaska -- Mt. McKinley or "Last Frontier"
Utah -- Brigham Young or the natural bridge
Arizona -- Grand Canyon
Idaho -- Craters of the Moon Nat'l Site
Hawaii -- Pearl Harbor or "The Aloha State"
New Mexico -- "Land of Enchantment" or cliff dwellings
Washington -- Mt. Rainier or "The Evergreen State""

"Well, Nebraska, welcome to world of lousy Fifty States Quarter choices. Join the rest of us who are disenchanted with inferior, cartoon-like images. Fortunately, the program is drawing to a close and hopefully the U.S. Mint will think twice about embarking on another program for which they really have little interest. It had much potential, yet has produced only a handful of even "good" coins."

"I've noticed that there aren't any ideas for the Utah quarter. I think that a good design would be the arches, Kings Peak, or maybe the Kennecott Copper Mine.I think it might be cool if we could do the Great Salt Lake. Only (no ofence to Michigan) I wouldn't like it to be like theirs. I think. I might like a cleaver combination of some of them. I just hope it isn't the mormon temple like many of my neighbors want. (Sorry about my spelling I'm only in elementary school)"

"Regarding a design for Montana: how about the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park? Or maybe Chief Joseph (I think "I shall fight no more forever" was delivered in Montana)? Or a scene that evokes "Big Sky Country"?"

"here are the final (Nebraska) design schetches as designed by the US mint:"

"One question about the Nebraska design. Why did the U.S. Mint reverse the direction that the wagon train is travelling from westward to eastward? Is anyone else struck by the fact that the wagons were heading West?"

"I'm from Montana. Missouri beat us to Lewis and Clark and Kansas beat us to the bison. What else could we use?"

"Could someone please explain to me how Mt. Rushmore is offensive to Native Americans? Being both a Native American and a native South Dakotan, I do not understand what the problem is"

"This is a really interesting site! I'm from the state of Washington, and when not trying to figure out who our governor will be in '05, we're also thinking about what our quarter will look like, among other things. Mt. Rainier almost has to be included on any design that's submitted, since it's the most enduring symbol of the state."

"Why in the world are kids pictures up with some of the proposed quarter designs?! I hope no self-respecting state actually picks one of those, they look terrible! (Wyoming this means you!)"

"I also think Wyoming's quarter should most definitely have the bucking bronco on it. The quarter would look misfit and empty without it."

"Boy, has interset dried up!!! Narratives just aren't as exciting as people/artists and their own renderings."

"I am a native of Wyoming, the Wyoming state quater has to have a bucking bronc on it, there is no question about that, it is our trade mark. I can't believe the sample designs don't have a bucking bronc or old faithful, and devils tower."

"oy this page has rreally come to a halt!!!" Quarterdesigns-Sometimes real life interferes. I was in a car wreck, and away from the computer for awhile. But I am back and will try to keep more up to date.

"The CNCC's comment that Mt. Rushmore is "insulting to Native Americans" is offensive to everyone else.
The pheasent design is nice, however."

"I really like the Nebraska design with chimney rock and a wagon being pulley by oxen i asume. Also with sun in background. if this one is chosen it would be by far my favorite design of all followed by Michigan."

"Have the designs gotten so bad, that no one's even commenting anymore?"

"Actually, I thought Carrs's lighthouse was pretty much one-themed, also. But maybe that's not your point. And truth be known, perhaps Carr's Nevada coin is too cluttered,...some times he caters to those who collaborate with him from a certain state. But I bet compared to the end products Nevada gets to choose from (watered-down Mint designs), it'll look pretty good in hind-sight, some day. "

"Carr's Nevada design is great artwork, but I think a terrible quarter design; WAY too many themes crammed on there, and difficult to make out what they are on a quarter-size scale. Then again, I prefer the Mint's version of the Maine lighthouse and the other less busy, one-themed quarters - to each his own. Part of what makes this program enjoyable is that we don't all agree on which are the good quarters and which are not so good."

""That design" (Nevada),you like, is a Daniel Carr design. He designed the RI and NY quarters. And the NC quarter is pretty much like the one he submitted. It's a shame more of his designs haven't been used. They're all bold, well executed coins. His Maine lighthouse is so much stronger than the well liked, but pedestrian, design the Mint came up with. If you're from Nevada lobby hard for his's great! The program needs and deserves great quarters, not the often watered down, and as I said, the pedestrian stuff, we're getting."

"The Nevada design that is already shown is perfect in every way. This means it will never get picked in favor of one that makes the Michigan quarter look good."

"The new underlined/direct link feature is great. Thanks."

"I was looking at the prototype for Nevada and I hope it gets picked. That design puts all of the others to shame (including Michigan which is already shameful)"

"the nevada design on this site is incredible!!!! love the way the state, train and cards are laid out. the seal is so so- but what a great design!"

"Dear "I pray that Oklahoma", As a long time follower of this website, I believe the webmaster displays whatever designs are out there and available at the time. Sometimes they're "tongue-in-cheek" (like the A-bomb New Mexico suggestion), some times "legit", and sometimes just what someone has offered up at the that point in time. Oklahoma is a long way from a final decision, so don't think you've seen the final design just yet."

"After looking at the proposed Nebraska designs two things became clear. Include Chimney Rock. Forget the State Capitol Building."

"Please not the a-bomb for New Mexico. It is a disgrace and that wonderful state offers so much more."

"I pray that Oklahoma changes it's design. As a native Oklahoman, I hope that we are known by far more than just Indians. Anything would be better than what is pictured here."

"I think the Gold Miner is a terriffic idea for a California coin. In fact, it already is a beautiful commemorative coin minted as the 1925 California Diamond Jubilee. In the near future the old San Francisco Mint will be reopening as a tourist destination. Why don't we use our energy to ask the goverment for a fresh gold rush commemorative coin for that occasion and to raise funds for the museum. In the meantime, Yosemite Valley is a fantastic idea for California's state quarter and John Muir is the perfect person to be looking out over the Half Dome vista! The condor works for me to make a picture of nature and citizens. The fact is, California has so many worthy ideas and images to put on a coin. I really like that the Guvernator chose something a bit risky and unexpected."

"By the way, the grizzly bear was not meant to be on the flag in the first place. If you research the history you can find it was a mistake. Instead of drawing a pear for the agricultural value of California, it was misread as bear."

"Dear Quarterdesigns: You obviously keep up on the Fifty States Quarter program. Did Arnold and his family really pick the CA quarter? I can't find anything on the web to corroborate that. I think that's a shame if it doesn't honor the scores of thousands who voted on line. And I know there was a web vote...I visited the "then" governors website several times to follow the voting process. As I recall I even cast a vote for my wife who was born in CA (it appeared the site accepted votes from anyone who cared to cast one). She, like most Californians I know, preferred the Gold Miner." Quarterdesigns:In answer to "Did Arnold pick the CA quarter?" Here is a link to the announcement.

"I've also lived in California all my life and I also agree that John Muir is not a California icon. I remember reading that of the five final designs that were chosen, Arnold his wife and his kids selected the 'winning' design. He said he wanted people to see the name of John Muir on the coin and people would say, "oh, who's that? Let me look that up on the web site". GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! I was searching the net trying to find where to cast my vote for the "Gold Miner" design with no luck. The selection was not open to the people of California. Let me also say that it is true, the California Grizzly is extinct and the California Condor is on the verge of extinction. That does not change the fact that the Grizzly is the state animal and it is on the state flag. I don't see anyone breaking down doors to replace the majestic grizzly with the ugly condor on the state flag."

"Kansas, still think it needs the wheat heads added at 10:00 and 2:00 tracing the curve of the coin"

"As a Californian I will say that I am very pleased with the selected CA quarter design. It isn't the perfect design, nor the one design that I had voted for, but it is one that I am satisfied with representing the state of California.
It appears to be a fact that John Muir isn't the first person that comes to mind when thinking of California history, and it is a shame, He was a Scottish immigrant that fell in love with Yosemite Valley and fought hard to have the region preserved for everyone to share and enjoy. He didn't steal, lie, nor cheat his way to reach his goals, only presented the facts with sincerity and honesty. I cannot think of a better person to represent my State than this man. I only hope that this design may stimulate some folks to visit the library, open a book and read about this man's life. Whether you agree, or disagree, is immaterial. However, do remember that when you do visit Yosemite National Park, or any other National Park, do remember that John Muir had an important role in setting up the park system.
Regarding the California Condor as being not a suitiable symbol of the state, please think again. Condors are as symbolic to CA as the American bison is to the Great Plains. Hopefully, they will be successfully reintroduced and allowed to grace our skies with their presence. Perhaps the representation of this bird may stimulate someone to visit the library and learn something !
Keep up the good work, Arnold !"

"The South Dakota Quarter should feature an American Indian, as they were driven out of the Dakotas by white men. In my opinion, the South Dakota quarter should not be represented by Mount Rushmore."

"Actually, the vote was open to all Californians. I don't know how well they got the word out. At least the opportunity was there. In Kansas only high school students got to vote, which was a crock for all of us who were anticipating an opportunity to expression our choices. This was particularly disheartening to my elementary age child who has followed the program and was eager to vote for "her" states quarter. When confronted regarding such, the governors office said, "tell your daughter she should be happy for those who do get to vote". And this was from a female Governor. Lets see, isn't that what men told women in this country for most of our history? Too late for you and us, but I don't think either state got a great quarter."

"I have lived in California all my life and believe that the Gold Miner is much more representative of California. John Muir is not a California Icon that should be memorialized on the coin that represents our great state. He did not invent Yosemite Valley - it was here before he was and of course will be a part of California forever. Just wondering what states actually got to vote. I did not see any advertising about the vote. Did you use the same audience as they used on American Idol?"

"John Muir??? Thats the first person everyone thinks when they think of California's history. Give me a break! Someone has more clout than the US Mint."

"OK guys, we can do this without the name calling (moron and the like). All the chosen concepts have some merit. It is the actual renderings that keep getting so cartoony or "clip art" looking. Mint artists are most likely getting tired of the program and do not approach each future coin design with the same drive as the first couple of years when the program was new and challenging. Well thats my take on it anyway."

"I still like California's design. The one with the miner and the gold wasn't as good as the Yosemite or Golden Gate one. Sure the condor isn't the state animal but the California condor is significant and is getting closer to extinction. I heard the grizzly bear was extinct in California so..."

"No way! Quarterdesigns must have gotten a large block vote from every elementary school in Wisconsin. If a cartoon cows head and a chunk of cheese represent the best of the quarters thus far, we're in deep cow do-do."

"Dear "is there anything you can't complain about?":Oh bet!! A well designed (good layout, good artwork), well executed coin (a properly shaped arch and trees that don't look like broccoli, for example), with a meaningful/thoughtful betcha!! Singular themes are great, like, DELAWARE - the Caesar Rodney story. A real hero who cast the deciding vote for our nations independence...NEW JERSEY - from the classic Emmanuel Leutze painting of Washington crossing the Delaware...CONNECTICUT - depicting the oak tree where the Connecticut charter was hidden...NORTH CAROLINA - from the 1903 picture of the Wright Brothers...RHODE ISLAND - a beautiful Daniel Carr coin of a vintage sailboat...VIRGINIA - honoring the Jamestown settlement. Some pretty good coins for me are KENTUCKY, MISSISSIPPI, MAINE, IOWA, and FLORIDA, plus even a few state outline coins -MASSACHUSETTS, NEW YORK and TEXAS (even though it's awfully perdictable). That's 14 and there are others that for me are ok. And, gee, and it sounds like you have some dislikes/complaints, too. I'm glad you felt free to express them, since you seem determined to take that opportunity from others. These are "personal" preferences/reactions I have to the coins, as are my criticisms. If you don't want to hear them, may I suggest you read Coin World on line, all the quarters to them are warm and fuzzy and just wonderful!!!"

"Does anyone know when the 2006 state (Nv, Ne, Co, ND, and SD) will be setting up their quarter designs page and accepting suggestion after all this yr is already half over"

"How long have you lived in California Arnold? California is the 'golden state' because it was the discovery of gold that brought people to California. The condor is not the state animal, it's the California Grizzly, you should know that, it's on the state flag, moron."

"As I continue to be amazed at Oregon's weak design choice, I looked back at the Mint drawings and noticed how they "all" got progressively weaker as they went through the "refinememt" process. The very first covered wagon drawing was good - the wagon was the primary focus. Later, it was so far away from the viewer as to be pointless. The first salmon rendition looked like it was jumping up stream, they got progessively worse 'til the final version looked like it was committing harikari into the side of a cliff. Oh, how I wish the Mint were more invested in this quarter design process."

"To those complaining about Oregon's choice of Crater Lake, is there anything you can't complain about? That is how it looks in real life. At least it's not like Missouri, with the arch falsely straddling the river, or Maine, where they put the lighthouse on the wrong cliff. Also, Mount Hood looks like any other mountain, and a fish could just as easily have applied to Washington, Idaho, or Alaska. Crater Lake is unique to Oregon. That's the point of these quarters. To highlight something unique about the state."

"I like the Oregon quarter. After looking at the 2005 quarters, it is the 'back to nature' year."

"Hater of the Oregon quarter: What state are you from, or better yet, which planet? I'd put Oregon's next to any of them, except Maine and it would have a pretty good chance of winning. Check it out next year in your hand, then have your eyes checked!!"

"Nevada (the silver state) should make their quarter out of silver. would be unique and very collectable. let Las vegas pay for it!"

"I just had an idea for the Nevada quarter. Make it look like a poker chip."

"Nice job! A postcard of one of our beautiful National Parks. It should eventually make the top 10, maybe the top 5!"

"My god,... of all the possibilities available to Oregon and they chose the weakest option of them all. Do these people ever stop and think for a moment these images will appear on a space approximately 3/4 inches across? The Oregon coin will appear as weak as Michigan in the hand. So now we have a condor flying into Muir's face, an iceberg shaped like the state of Minnesota floating in a lake, Oregon's weak choice, a bison standing on a strip of sod and the beautiful "wild, wonderful" state of West Virginia represented by a bridge. Yep...they "get better every year"!!!!!!"

"I agree with "Adds nothing"...looks like a Minnesota shaped iceberg floating in the lake. Reminds me of the otherwise nice Arkansas image with the diamond hovering in the sky."

"Minnesota: If it's the Land of 10,000 Lakes, why depict the state as a solid chunk of land? Why show the state shape at all? Adds nothing."

"The score for 2005's quarters are 2 to 2. I wonder how Oregon will stand in this. Kansas and Minnesota were disappointing. California and West Virginia are the best of that year so far."

"An idea for the Washington State quarter is to have the head and tail design be identical, or an apple design. Either concept would be unique!"

"Dear Quarterdesigns, It appears that if "Move on with your life" had his/her way, you'd just close down your COMMENTS section. He/she seems to be annoyed by dialogue, discourse, etc. After all,... the coins "get better every year",... what's to discuss or comment about? Begins to look like a current day political approach: "Don't question or challenge anything, it's unpatriotic"... don't you know. Gee, and I foolishly thought discourse was one of the freedoms we were all trying to protect. Silly me."

"OK, voted on by high school kids, OR, high school kids did those designs? They are child like renderings! Whats going on at the mint???"

"i live in california i just found this web site are you kidding me with the "VERY VERY UGLY WAVES OR WAVES AND SUN " on the california state quarter who ever submitted that design DESIGN "HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO THINK OF THAT MORE OR LESS DRAW IT" come on any oceanside state could have that design"

"The "big deal" is - we'd like to see better coins,... we deserve better coins. Are you a coin collector or that person who keeps acting as an apologist for the Mint? And if anyone thinks they're getting "better every year"...we're just not looking at the coins. 2002-4, better than the previous years, you've gotta be kidding!!!!!"

"Everyone seems to be making a big deal out of the designs. The Mint does what it wants. The choices seem to get better every year since I assume the states are learning what the people want. We don't need some essay to explain it. Move on with your life."

"Response to Scott Miller - Not only are the Mints "justifications' weak, almost to a coin, their "final designs" are weak, as well. Many of the submissions were obviously designed/drawn by artists, or people with knowledge of good design. The Mint has then proceeded to weaken, dumb down, misrepresent, etc. the submitted works into inferior coins. I know the Maine coin receives high scores from those who vote in the Quarterdesigns poll, but it's really a pretty unremarkable coin when compared to D. Carrs original submission. And the Missouri coin is so dreadful that it defies belief that an original idea could be so bastardized. Even though I'm disgusted by the results, I do defend the Mints right to change them "just because they can", but if they're so hell-bent on changing them, why not change them into something even better. Please !!!"

"I would just like to set the record straight about the Mint’s redesign of the state quarters. I was with Paul Jackson during his protest of the State Quarters program. I helped him coordinate the protests at the state capitol and he and I met with Gloria Eskridge at the US Mint in DC. I have thoroughly researched every aspect of this program. I think that I can speak with some authority on the subject. First I would like to dispel the myth about the original designs not being mintable. This is just a convenient excuse that most people feel hard to argue with since the Mint is considered an authority on making coins. The Mint claimed that neither Dan Carr’s Maine design nor Jackson’s Missouri design were mintable. This is surprising since Dan Carr is a former designer for the Mint and Paul’s design was actually minted with no changes by the National Collectors Mint. Second, there seems to be a belief that the state governor has final say as to which design is used. This belief seems to come from the fact that the legislation authorizing the program says that he will have input. The fact is that the legislation also says that the Presidentially appointed Commission on Fine Arts and the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Commission will have input, yet the Mint consistently disregarded any comments or requests made by these organizations. In fact Charles Atherton, director of the Commission on Fine Arts repeatedly asked to see original designs and to this day has been ignored. While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions, I just wanted to clairify some factual errors. The Mint changes these designs simply because they can and they are very territorial about these designs. While there are many weak justifications put forward by the Mint, the simple fact is this is an issue of petty bureaucratic territorialism.
Scott Miller"

"Dear Quarterdesigns, Are votes sometimes cast in large blocks at a time? Like an entire school or some such voting all the same day? I'm amazed as I check often, how the percentages have changed so dramatically. - a frequent visitor." Quarterdesigns: Often a large block of votes will come in from a library or a school, especially an elementary school. Also the voting results are affected more dramatically after the release of a new quarter design.

"To me, it appears that the "best" or most popular quarters are the ones that show a scene related to that state like Rhode Island's sailboat, Kentucky's Quarterhorse or Connecticut's "Charter Oak Tree". The least popular seem to be the ones with the state's outline with a few state symbols sprinkled around the edges."

"The Sierra Club quarter is good except the bird is too big and too close to the homeless guy."

"Sorry missed the coveted spot held for years by New Hamshire by only .035. Better luck next tally !!! A reader's response - not Quarterdesigns."

"The final selection of the California State Quarter was not my first choice, but it was a good one. I can't believe one of the finalists was a picture of the Sun and the Ocean. THAT COULD BE ANY COASTLINE STATE!! What does that have to do with the state? State quarters should be designed with historical facts, landmarks, famous people, etc. I am glad that design was not chosen. My first choice was the Golden Gate Bridge with the Hollywood sign in the background. I have noticed over the years, the state quarters are improving."

"I hope Oregon doesn't chose the covered wagon. The latest Mint version certainly would not read well in the hand...the wagon is too small. All the others certainly look good."

"I have sat in on the Oregon design process, (as a spectator) and although it seems they are dragging their feet, the committee is really making sure that all 4 choices are as good as can be and whichever they choose, ( Wagon,Mt.Hood,Salmon & Waterfall, or Crater Lake) this will definitely be a quarter to be proud of!"

"Who is John Muir? As a native Californian I have no clue who that guy is. When I went on line to see who he was and then looked at the quarter to me it seemed like an ad for the Sierra Club. What happened to the Poppy or the bear or even the Golden Gate Bridge?!"

"Question, will the California quarter have the darker/shaded background like i see in all the pictures or is this because its just a picture? i have not seen any other quarters like this in picture form. This would make this rather unique!"

"You can change presidents, spouses,and hair color, but you can't change the quarter design AFTER it's made official, so don't complain about them after the fact! Get into the designing process, not into the crying game!!! The rest of America is ENJOYING collecting, why don't you?"

"California and west virginia did well in there selections. I hope Minnesota selects the "Incuse" design!! and would like to see Oregon use the covered wagon with Mt hood in the background. Really want that Incuse quarter in my collection."

"Couldn't agree more !!!! California has a really nice coin and I, too, think it will be one of the all time favorites. My kudos also to the Oregon natural themes."

"Yea, both California's selected design and Oregon's designs express the natural beauty perfectly. Finally the states are learning to make something worth seeing rather than just outlines and words."

"California has their quarter design chosen now. It's the Yosemite one. I'm actually glad. That was my favorite next to the Golden Gate. The mint remake that they show in the newspaper seems to be good for most others. I predict this'll be in the top 5 range in favorites when it is released."

"I think we have every right to speak out about "poor" quarters. The program is going down hill and I think it should be said. We also have every right to expect high quality U.S. coins! I've lauded the good ones, but I'm sure not going to sit back and say, "oh, aren't they all wonderful", when they're not. I appreciate this site as a place to sound off...both about the good ones and the poor ones. And, by the way, if the only thing "unique" about Michigan is it's shape, how sad. And I certainly don't feel like my dignity has been lost if state something that's critical in nature."

"All quarter designs are unique in their own way, as are the states themselves. This is why these quarters are so enjoyable to collect. Let's accept the designs after they're official and keep our dignity...and keep it FUN!!!"

"Michigan, "The Great Design" quarter, has slipped another notch to 27th (out of thirty) place !!!! Watch out New Hampshire, your reign as worst quarter may well be in jeopardy."

"I don't live anywhere near New Hampshire, but I've recently gained respect for the Old Man of the Mountain..... read up on and research this symbol of their state."

"Lets all pray God stays out of the remaining state quarter business!"

"God made the design on the Michigan quarter."

"Let's see...draw a circle...trace map of Michigan inside circle...write words "great lakes state" inside circle...voila...a "great design"!!!! Who are you? Are you an artist?...Give me a break!!!!"

"West Virginia should have had a coal miner on it because that is what the state is known the most for. If it wasn't for the coal miners there would be a lot we as people would not have."

"To the best of my knowledge the state of Michigan (including it's governor) has credited no individual with its design. Who are you? Are you an artist?"

"Definition: "Great - markedly superior,...preeminent over others". If Michigan is a "Great Design", why has it already taken one of the bottom slots in the Quarterdesign Voting section?"

"Response to "Michigan-Of the five Submitted...": If design is the the art and process of combining text and graphics to communicate an effective message, where's the "Great Design"? What's the effective message? Michigan is a map? Are there people there? Have any of them ever done anything? Is there a history? Are there notable products, services, landmarks, etc.? Anything? Just a map? Great design...I don't think so. We've all had geography. We know where you are, what your state outline looks like...but is that it? That's all you could come up with?"

"Michigan's quarter is a map, nothing more, nothing less. Keep it in your car."

"Here's my best of 2005:

"Michigan-Of the five Submitted Designs that were submitted for the Michigan 2004 State Quarter THE chosen Design Selected of The Five Great Lakes Michigan Outline Great Lakes Design Released is as I designed it. A Great Design"

"Anybody know the story behind the Michigan State quarter choice? I can't find the web site anymore, but there were 5 quarters that had the outline of the state that were listed as finalist. There was a vote I thought. The 4th of the 5 choices were minted. Unlike every other state quarter, there is no michigan unique items shown. Just the state. This is a very plain and dissappointing quarter. After it's all over, I'm sure Michigan's quarter will be in the running for the worst state quarter."

"Study your history, geography, and political science..... Washington D.C. is NOT one of our 50 states, but Maryland has the first Capitol on it's quarter as a consolation."

"I'm not for the bison quarter for Kansas, but just where do you think these bison ARE roaming? Alaska??? Maybe those are reindeer you're looking at in the wheatfields! Here's to the sunflower design!"

"Putting a bison on the Kansas quarter would be as out of place as an Eskimo on the Arizona quarter."

"I was wondering shouldn't there be a quarter for the District of Columbia ?"

"Wouldn't it be nice to see the Nevada (silver state)state quarter made out of silver. Fewer would be made, thus increasing interest/collectability. Plus it would be very unique to the program"

"CALIFORNIA - PLEASE NOT THE SUN AND THE WAVES! The gold panner (49er) is everyone I know's favorite which depicts history and pieces of what makes California. John Muir has been a second choice."

"There is still a chance that one of Minnesota's quarter will be of "INCUSE" design! Put the pressure on, this would definitely make it one of the most unique quarters of the program by far. (It is the quarter with the loon, plow, snowflake.)"

"Can't wait for the beauty of the western states to be portrayed on their quarters! Mountains, lakes, rivers, trees, canyons, valleys, name it, they should be there. The diverse climates from snowcapped peaks to desert cactus should captivate collectors! Let's hope the natural beauty shines on the coins!"

"The Iowa quarter design is one of the best yet, much better than most of the "clip art" quarter designs that have been released so far. It focuses on one just one theme, and a very appropriate one. The governor and people of Iowa made a fine choice. I also like the proposed condor and sequoia design for California. Hope that's the one they pick!"

"The finalists for the Oregon quarter were leaked yesterday to the press they can be seen The Statesman Journal. "

"How could they select a Texas quarter without at least the Alamo, a bluebonnet or a longhorn on it? Instead we get rope around the edge (now that's unique to Texas!), the Lone Star (a symbol everyone knows about already) and an outline of the state (it's on every U.S. map!). Why not the "Friendship State". That's what the Texans are all about!! Well, at least the Texas quarter is a little better than Michigan's choice."

"I thought the worst state was New Hampshire, until I saw the Wisconsin quarter. A looney -looking cowhead. I hated it! I was hoping for a scenic waterways or a tribute to the Native American tribes of Wisconsin. Something interesting. A cowhead, ear of corn and cheese are not interesting to look at. Don't get me wrong, I love cheese, I am from Wisconsin and yes we are a dairy state, but CALIFORNIA is a bigger dairy state than Wisconsin and you don't see a cow on their potential state quarter. Wisconsin grows corn, so do many states. Corn, big deal, it is hardly a definitive statement of Wisconsin that separates us from the rest of the agricultural states. It is the most embarassing state quarter yet. The Wisconsin quarter is a disgrace. If you must put a cow on your quarter, but a decent, whole cow, not just a loopey looking cartoonish head. I hate that quarter!"

"I like the unique design of the michigan quarter(actual "TOPOGRAPHY" of the state)although I wish it was inside a car tire somehow. I am also hoping Minnesota will use the "INCUSE" design suggested on two of there submissions. These two coins are different and original!"

"The Michigan State Quarter is very nice. If you think about it the Great Lakes play a vital role in Michigan and the U.S.A. They provide a major industry for shipping and almost everything in Michigan has had ties to the Great Lakes (automotive, tourism etc..) I am proud to see such elegant bodies of waters featured on the State of Michigan's Quarter ****Please respond with your opinions on the Michigan Quarter it is interesting to hear what other people think*****"

"Jackson's Missouri quarter used clever shading but an engraving would not have looked the same. Carr's Maine quarter, similarly, is also not a line drawing – one that can be engraved – so of course the paintings they did look better. Fact is, it could never look the same as the way they submitted it. The mints changes to the Missouri design had to do with the proper spacing on a small engraving, a more accurate depiction of the actual boat used, and the broccoli trees were a direct result of Jackson's use of shadows and then his badgering. Personally I think the mint's version of the Maine quarter is better than Carr's and it comes out on top of nearly every poll, how can anyone complain? The mint has nothing to do with the choice of which quarter designs they receive nor which is ultimately used, that's up to the governor."

"Well aparently you have lived in a lot of different states or spend a lot of time studying them. People in these home states are more in touch with what best represents them. It is not only about how pretty they look, or how simple the design. I personaly think Vermont's and Illinois's quarters comunicate very well. I am a Jackson fan, he got ripped! Yes Michigan's is awful, but I'm not from Michigan. There were better designs for Missouri's quarter than Jacksons. Check out the ones sent in by the state before the mint got to them!!!!"

"Response to "The (M)int's reworking..." - I just think you are dead wrong. How one could possibly think that the Mints version of the Missouri coin is "an improvement" over Jackson's original (and I'm not a Jackson fan) or how it could be argued that the Mints Maine design is better than Daniel Carrs, is beyond my comprehension. The Mint always has the last say in any State design and how anyone could think that coins like Louisiana's ,Michigans, New Hampshires, Illinois and Vermonts, to name a few, are the best designs to represents those states is ludicrous! Your comments sound like a press release from the Mint."

"The mint's reworking of the designs seem to generally be improvements. Most submissions miss the mark on how much detail is possible on the coins' scale and the finer points of composition inside a circle. The mint improves on good suggestions and turns images into icons. There is a distinct iconography to US coins and it needs to be maintained inspite of people's fragile egos."

"Yes, Wyoming and Yellowstone must go together like South Dakota and MT. Rushmore! People must remember that alot of the nation doesn't even put these famous things/places together (despite people from these states may think they are over used)"

"The New Mexico designs hit N.M. right on the head but they forgot a third design that we also know about the state: UFO's and aliens from downtown beautiful Roswell."

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