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These are some earlier comments from visitors to

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"I love the 2007 quarter because they are the new quarter.My favorite Uath quarter is the beehive state.I been collecting quarters since 2003.I love the state quarter website"

"I love the New York quarter because I like the statue of liberty and the shape of the New York state.I was born there."

"Washington's poll has been completed, and the Mt. Rainier/salmon design was the public's favorite with 45% of the vote. The state outline took 41% of the vote, and the orca finished a distant third. The governor will make the final decision in May or June."

"The "CORRECTION" was me. In Montana if you mistake a salmon for a trout, a grizzly for a black bear or the University of Montana for Montana State University, you are branded for life. You will be called a moron or worse, a Californian, which is a four letter word in Montana. I am a third generation Montanan and I have never set foot in California. That's why I had to correct myself, and fast"

"I'm grateful for a mint that would take the trouble to make these various quarter designs"

"I think for the state Washington you should put a picture of the white house."

"Yea, i'm sure Idaho wants to be represented by a potato."

"Well listen to me,whoever,you are that wrote:"CORRECTION:I said....".It doesn't matter because every single living human on earth makes mistakes.But I don't know what the heck is wrong with you!Don't feel ashamed.""

"I find it interesting that Washington is possibly going to have a Salmon, rather than the Steelhead Trout, their state fish, on it's quarter. Your neighbors to the south, Oregon, has the Chinook Salmon as it's state fish. Just an observation, and noone will notice the difference."

"New mexico should involve some kind of chiles. and put "no passport required" on it, too. to many people don't know that new mexico is a state, which drives me bonkers!!!"

"The Colorado quarter rocs! Just wait until 2008, when it's all over--then think of how much these'll be worth!
But no, seriously man, they should do like the Pearl Harbor Memorial for Hawaii, because that's awesome."

"For Arizona they should put The Grand Canyon National Park with the Navajo Indian tribe and a Native American guy."

"The promontory point design is quite hideous.
I want the beehive design on our utah quarter. If texas gets a cool quarter than why can't we?
The Beehive design represents the people of Utah. It represents them as good, hard working people. Does the other two designs represent that? Nope. They represent a historical or an athletic event. Nothing really relating to the state or its people.
Are you people out of your minds? The promontory point design would be terrible for the Utah quarter.
The mint itself actually favors the beehive design for the utah quarter. Plus the golden spike has really nothing to do with the state of utah. Its not even a good looking design."

"CORRECTION: I said Washington's design was a trout. It is a Salmon. Now don't write in, folks...."

"My picks for 2007 are as follows:
Montana (my home state) The bison skull
Washington - The trout (not RoboFish)
Idaho - none of the above (why they didn't use a potato)
Wyoming - Old Faithful (how many states have this)
Utah - The Golden Spike"

"Alaska is NOT the final state to submit designs. And Oklahoma doesn't have ANY design submitted. Neither do NM, AZ, AK, or HI. You don't have to worry about the OK image, because it's not a submission at all. Unfortunately, those images don't get submitted to the Mint.
Click on the Wyoming entry on this site. The best design was the lasso-circle with the Tetons in the middle. It was unofficial, so it couldn't get sent in. It's the same with every picture from the remaining 5 states. The Mint used to accept pictures, but now they don't. No one's more disappointed about this than I am."

"This has been said before by others, but maybe it needs to be said again: For those people who wonder why Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma have few designs, it's because those states, along with Hawaii and Arizona, have only started collecting ideas. They have to decide on their 3-5 concepts from narratives, then send the ideas to the Mint, who will do the actual designing. The designs we see now on this site for those states aren't official, probably won't be sent to the Mint, and are done by amateurs. We have to wait until late 2006 or early 2007 to see what concepts will be considered."

"the bucking bronco for Wyoming would be good too"

"Arizona Memorial would look great for the Hawaii quarter"

"State quarter T-shirts are available at:" "all quarters have lower case u should be capitals believe big mistake see if you can find who designed it you can"t"

"I liked the design that says'natural wonders'on the Utah quarter and even better than the garbage beehive design!"

"drawings are much better than narratives. that is why texas and michigan have such ugly quarters texas narrative - a sherrif plate - lol
michigan - nothing - hence a mere state outline
those governors did not pay any attention to the program, now that will be there forever"

"Walgreens coin holder is just $1.00 + tax"

"the trains are alot better than the behive which looks like a -1970's hairdo-"

"Let's think up a narrative for an Arches design for the Utah Quarter."

"Do you know where I can find any of the designs for the new dollar coins with the presidents on them?"Quarterdesigns: You can find them right here at

"Bookstores and some banks will have a book to put your coins in. If there is a Hastings or a Learning Tree nearby, they have them"

"At Walgreens they sale a coin holder"

"Would it be possible to obtain T-shirts of some of these designs?"

"At least the Beehive design will look better than the other proposed Designs."

"Well, Alaska takes the prize as the final State that has yet to submit designs for their State Quarter. I will be interested to see the designs they come up with. Oklahoma only has one design for their Quarter so far and that one isn't very good so they come in second."

"I just wanted to thank you for having this site available. My 8 year old son is collecting the coins and he has 19 already. He has a list of them and is keeping close track of them. I was wondering where I can get a book or sleeve for his quarters. He currently uses a lunch sandwich bag. Thank you again. Denise & Allen Howard"
Quarterdesigns: If you have a coin dealer in your area they would have supplies like folders or albums. My niece enjoys this album. I can not vouch for this retailer, but the album is nicely made and has lots of fun information about each state.

"Oh no not the beehive design on the Utah state quarter!It will look stupid on the quarter."

"When are we going to find out the first design to ever come up with Alaska state quarter?"

"I think this is a cool website, cuz I collect quarters. And I also could see which 1 is comin' up next"

"Dear 'Why people explain.' It isn't about the mint's rule. It's about the NM, HI, and AZ quarter images on THIS SITE, and comments about them on this page. And now it's obvious that people still don't understand."

"For Hawaii, I'd like number 8, but with all the islands shown, not Diamond Head. The Voyaging canoe and all the (8) main islands."

"I think these quarters are more interesting when they try to show something different than just trees or a map of the state. I like Nevada's, among the recent quarters."

" This is the results of the Honalulu star bulleten's design contest."

"Hawaii has really got to get some better designs like they should put the state bird infront of the picture of hawaii."

"When are we going to find out the final design decision for the Utah State quarter? I hope it's the Beehive design."

"People can vote on the Montana designs at:"

"Voting for the Washington quarter design has begun at the following page: (Please vote for the salmon/Mt. Rainier design)"

"You can now vote for the Montana quarter at"

"Why people explain with such aggressiveness the mint's rule? Just saying that the mint only accepts narratives is enough. GREAT SITE!!!"

"The Governor of Montana seems to be campaigning for the Bison Skull. A recent 'Missoulian' newspaper article made it sound like he and all the local artists are the only ones whose opinions matter. The Skull is great. But the Bull Elk is positively triumphant! The others? Just...nice."

"The Beehive one best represents the state of Utah."

"for the Montana quarter the last one should be picked"

"Dear "True, that person...", You're right on target, I wasn't" My bad."

"Very nice and informative website."

"I'm glad these people came up with these designs for the arizona quarter. But I'm still looking forward to Alaska's."

"True, that person did state the obvious with a flourish of redundancy. But it sounds like the work of a great-grandma or a 9-year old kid. So we don't have a problem with it, do we?

Some comments evidence a lack of understanding about the design submissions. Here's the deal: None of the New Mexico, Hawaii or Arizona submissions as of 15 Mar 06 are submissions at all. The Mint is now only accepting narratives-- no images. The "Arch" design for Utah would have been fantastic but for the fact that a narrative was obviously not submitted. The "Pronghorn" design for Montana wasn't in the running either. But a narrative was allegedly submitted on its behalf, which may have resulted in the "Elk" (not Caribou) design, which was just as likely influenced by the grade-schooler's deer-and-eagle design on the Montana page. Submit your narratives to your Governor."

"That is an elk on the Montana proposed quarters, not a caribou"

"Hawaii's state quarter commission is located at:"

"Here's Alaska's website for coin design submissions:"

"Oklahoma's coin design submission site is at:"

"Here's the link to the site New Mexico has set up for collecting quarter ideas:"

"Here's the official site to submit ideas for Arizona's quarter:"

"No please not the beehive on the utah quarter! How dull it will look on the quarter."

"Dear "The 2006 State Quarters have begun with...", What profound observations! I'm sure glad I read your comments, as all my questions regarding the last three years of the program are now answered. Just curious,... what was your source for all these indepth "scoops"?"

"I think 2006 is the year with the best quarters, I relief since 2000/2001. 2007 can be better or the worst. Hawaii should have Lilioukalani."

"My 2007 picks:
MT: Caribou
WA: Jumping Salmon/ Mt. Rainier
ID: River flowing
WY: Old Faithful
UT: Beehive
There is a chance in 2007 to make really cool designs or mess them up. BTW, I think the ND quarter is great, along with Colorado the best in 2006, gives ND a chance to become the highest minted for 2006. Nevada should have had a slot machine. NM should have the nuke. It would make it unique. Arizona should have the Grand Canyon. Also, please make a $1 companion site!!! Please!"

"Of all the culture and artistry New Mexico has to offer, and those are the only two designs you can come up with? Do New Mexico a favor and take a trip there. See what it's really all about."

"i like the new mexico mushroom all it needs is the eyes and nose of the alien face of roswell in the cloud. many more lives were spared because of the bomb in WWII."

"How ashamed that the citizens of Arizona and Alaska still didn't come up with any designs for these state quarters.For Alaska there should have an eskimo or inuit along with a grizzly bear,with mountains and the Alaskan pipeline.And for Arizona, I'd rather see the Grand canyon.Now please send any further information about any proposed design that will be on the Alaska state quarter and Arizona."

"All of Hawaii's quarter designs look stupid to me.Why can't they have better designs like for instance,an island with a volcano, palm tree with coconuts, along with a hula girl and a sea."

"These are the designs that should be for the 2007 Statehood Quarters:
Montana: The one with the elk and the sun.
Washington: The one with the fish, and the mountain in the background.
Idaho: The one with the fields, and the mountains in the background.
Wyoming: Any of the proposed designs should work.
Utah: The Behive State Design MOST DEFINATLY.
Oh by the way. I am sorry for my rude comment earlier. I was just blowing off steam. "

"Check out the "Voyage of the Navigator", an oil painting by artist Clayton B Young with the Polynesian boat, Mauna Kea in the background with a full moon and Maui's hook, the constellation Scorpio, in the sky. This is also a glass mosiac on the floor of the new Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo. WONDERFUL!!!! How do we get this artist to submit his work? Carol/Volcano, HI"

"Montana is about our natural resources - definitely the one with mountains and rivers!"

"The 2006 State Quarters have begun with the Nevada Quarter and final designs have been submitted to the mint for all the 2007 State Quarters. Three of the five States that will have their Quarters minted in 2008 have made early designs of their Quarters available but Arizona and Alaska have yet to do so. It will be interesting to see the early designs for both of those Quarters and also to see which State is the last one to come out with them"

"For Nevada, I'd much rather see a triangular UFO, a depiction of an alien autopsy and the words "Area 51". Other than Vegas, that's what people think about when they think of Nevada."

"Great! Thanks North Dakota for putting yet another bison on a quarter! I couldn't tell you and Kansas apart to begin with - now I won't be able to tell your quarters apart either!"

"Well Arizona seems to be having trouble coming up with a proposed design. How about this one? It would show a high wire fence with a tear in it and a crowd of people coming through. Around the border of the coin would say "Arizona. Open Borders, Come one come all." One of the persons would be holding a briefcase in honor of a suitcase nuke. Well, this proposed design makes about as much sense as the N.M. A-bomb!"

"Will qusterdesigns have a companion web-site for the Presidental Dollar series?"Quarterdesigns: You can find them right here at


"The snowboarder for the Utah coin is too new. The beehive would be great, that really represents Utah. The Golden Spike would be okay, but that is just one event in the state's colorful history. I kind of like the natural arches design that was not picked."

"Every state has Cho-Cho trains.
Every state has honey bees.
Every state with snow has snowboarders.
Utah should have something unique to the state.
Our state's incredible concentration of natural treasures in unequaled on our planet.
The Delicate Arch is a unique and distinct characteristic of Utah."

"I'm saving up all the state quarters with designs that I don't like. When I get enough, I'm going to put them in a padded envelope and mail it to the U.S. Mint and demand a refund."

"I will be highly mad if Oklahoma uses the Murrah builing or anything to do with the OKC bombing on it's quarter."

"Surely the A-bomb on NM is a joke! PLEASE don't choose that one. New Mexico is a beautiful state with a wonderful interesting Indian heritage. As for Oklahoma - I'm an Oklahoman and I like that "Trail of Tears" Indian with the 5 civilized tribe names. Should be either that or a depiction of the land run, like a pioneers with a wagon. OK is unique in that we had 5 land runs. Did any other state have land runs?"

"i think for Washington they should put the Space needle on or instead of those damn."

"For the Hawaii I think they should have better designs because thay all are very crappy!"

"The first quarter with the state outline acknowledges ALL of our state: the coast, the Olympic rainforest, the Puget Sound and Eastern Washington. It shows Mt. Rainier, our salmon and our world reknowned apples. Let's give credit to the whole state, not just Western Washington. From North Lakewood, Western Washington"

"The best design is one that everyone will instantly recognize. I've seen a lot of disparaging comments about Texas, but you've got to admit you can spot it in an instant. The states that have to tell you what the scene is probably should have followed the example of Massachusetts or Texas. As an Hawaiian, I like 7 or 11 the best. Diamond Head is recognized by all."

"For the Utah design they should pick the Beehive, It Best symbolizes our state as opposed to the other completley retarded designs."

"Kudos to the US Mint for coming up with a decent-looking version of the coastal tribes' representation of Orcinus orca (aka Orca whale/killer whale -- the "Robo-fish" dismissively referrred to in other comments). Truly a long-lasting symbol associated with Washington State, and unique for the 50SQ program. Could use a 'tweak' or two in the design (representation of some ocean/Puget Sound water, but, given the limitations of the size of the "canvas", probably as good as could be done without turning it into the infamous unidentifiable 'blob' or clip-art. Design #1 (the cherries, salmon, "The Mountain" and state outline)? Feh! An attempt to please both 'Washington states' (East Washington and West Washington -- aka "Red State" Washington and "Blue State" Washington) that suffers from the unidentifiable 'blob' problem one pressed into quarter-sized coins. Design #2? Good representation of "The Mountain" (Tahoma, renamed "Rainier"), and a salmon."

"They should go back again to accept the peoples design, and hold the right of editing them to prevent the missouri issue"

"The MINT's design for Idaho is PATHETIC!"

"Quarter designs that work best recognized (1) the outline of the state's shape adds little to the effect, and (2) the best designs don't try to crowd too much in a small space or force you to squint. The 2006 designs continue an upward trend. ND, MN, and OR, take a bow! OH, MI, and NY, sorry -- no do-overs."

"one of the worst ones is Alabama. Who the heck thinks of Helen Keller when they think of Alabama? I thought when it first came out that it was Rosa Parks sitting in her bus seat at least that would have made more sense. But Helen Keller? Even if she was still alive, thankfully she couldn't see it! But then I am a yankee not a rebel so what do I know. Nobody ever said that those hicks were too bright!"

"I totally agree w/the previous post on the New Mexico Quarter. That is the most awful idea I've seen. Thousands upon thousands of lives were ruined due to that and now w/the situation w/Iran escalating I think that would be a very bad idea. Tasteless to say the least."

"The Lincoln penny should get a Centenary issue!! Something to think about"

"The quarters with historic scenes and state's cultural themes are by far the best ones (NJ, KY, VT, RI, TN). I can not believe that some states came up with boring quarters (MI, TX, NY), and it is amazing that Alaska and Arizona are still looking to the sunset to come up with ideas!!"

"Maryland has the worst quarter! How about the Star Spangaled Banner? It was written here you know. Old Line State my ass."

"I think the State of Alaska design should be dog mushing since we are known for the last great race, "The Iditarod". Thank you Margaret Hansen, Kotzebue, Alaska"

"I just looked at the New Mexico quarter. Its hard to believe that anyone would actually think that the atomic mushroom cloud would be a good idea."

"This is my first time checking out the site, and seeing all the quarters.....Michigan is by far THE WORST one! I live in Michigan, and where are all the activities that we're known for?? Where's the cars, the cherries, the wildlife??? I'm VERY diappointed with Michigan's quarter!"

"Alaska, ididarod trail with Norman vaunn's 100th birthday or Alaska's wildlife."

"Who is keeping up this website? How can I contact you?"Quarterdesigns: Email the webmaster

"Hawaii has no really good designs. I lived there for several years and it should depict surf (not surfing)and tropics, mountains, and royalty. the arizona memorial depicts persons dead (against the guidelines, anyway). I think the state is best depicted with the giant surf, tropical palm trees, and mountainous volcanos at the least! bjs-former hawaian"

"The New Mexico Abomb design in my opinion bombs out. It needs a roadrunner or something native american. why not "top secrets" revealed about UFO's and aliens."

"On your home page the top (left) corner has a quarter that when you click on it shows it was minted in "S". I was unaware that the quarter program was being minted in San Francisco's mint? I thought it was only Denver and Philadelphia."Quarterdesigns: The San Fransisco Mint produces "Proof" versions of each quarter design in both clad and silver for inclusion only in Proof sets

"I hope the proposed New Mexico design with the mushroom cloud is voted DOWN!! An ideal design for New Mexico would incorporate the beautiful and distinct "Sunburst" symbol that appears on the state flag. But even though the state played an invaluable role with the Manhattan Project in WWII, I don't think they'll want an atomic blast on the obverse of the state quarter."

"On the proposed coin for the Utah quarter, the girl snowboarding does not depict Utah. There are many states with snow sports, besides that is a temporary fad! It is not historic or representive of Utah. The two trains with the spike are great, but the beehive is the oldest symbol for Utah. It was a symbol before it was a state. Since the beehive became the official seal of Utah in 1887 and the official state emblem in 1959, and Utah is nicknamed "The Beehive State" It is only right that the beehive earns it's right on the Utah quarter. I would of preferred the Salt Lake Temple, it is as a historic piece of Utah as you can get, but there would of been to many complainers about it being too religious. Well guess what! Who founded Utah? The Mormons! Bill with roots in Utah, Arizona, & Florida."

"My 2007 preferences:
MT: Bull Elk
WA: Jumping Salmon
ID: Mountains & Fields (River = a close 2nd)
WY: Log Fence
UT: Promontory"

"What happened to the Arch for the Utah quarter? It was by far the best choice. I hope someone can do something about this. Please."

"2006 commentary: In general they're all good because there are no state outlines, yet they all fall just short of being perfect.
Nevada: Though it's a wild, western, and dramatic scene, there's a little too much going on to have anything stand out and it doesn't scream "Nevada".
Nebraska: great landmark and symbolism, close to perfection, but like someone else noted it looks like the wagon is heading east.
Colorado: the mountain scene is exactly right, but the "Colorful Colorado" slogan puts the word "Colorado" on the quarter twice and is unnecessary.
North Dakota: Nice, I have no problem with it except that Kansas wrongfully swiped the buffalo idea already; they could have used the Pronghorn for uniqueness and an excellent representative of the plains.
South Dakota: it rightfully has Mt. Rushmore, but it might have looked more dramatic if the presidents weren't diminished by the pheasant.
Despite my pickiness, 2006 is a great year for the state quarters - well done! "

"The New Mexico atom bomb design is interesting. I laughed when I saw it."

"My recommendations for the 2007 quarters, for what it's worth:
Montana: Big Sky Country design (w/ letters in sky)
Washington: Salmon & Mt. Rainier
Idaho: Mountain range with river
Wyoming: rider and horse on ranch
Utah: Railroad engines with Golden Spike
And let's hope there aren't any more state outline designs -- those have been done too much already..."

"One of the proposed designs for the Nevada Quarter is not the one that was voted on by Nevada voters. The mint reworked the "miner" design and removed the shovel which I feel greatly improved the design. I have the graphic if this site wants that design. The winning wild horse design was my third pick, behind the miner and the bighorn sheep. It was reported locally that school children put in 25% of the vote for the wild horse design, and the design won with 35% of the total vote. Even though I do not absolutely hate the wild horse design, I thought it was a poor choice as the wild horse is not native to Nevada and the miner really represented Nevada's past. The big horn sheep quarter would have been an unique animal to the 50 state quarter series and also would have been more unique to Nevada. I am most certainly glad Nevada did not pick the duck-Indian basket design, as that would have created another "clip-art" quarter. I have always disliked the state quarters designs that seem to be several themes that are thrown together on a quarter in a "clip art fashion""

"what is the stuff on the marland state quarter"

"this is a great website I LUV IT"

"such ugly state quarters in 2007 & 2008 who in the world drew those quarters? i hope the nice lookin ones r published"

"why can't you people still think of designs of Arizona and Alaska?""

"The beehive represents industrious society. The term "Deseret" means "honeybee", not "beehive." No one will consider the beehive a religious symbol. As for the railroad motif for the Utah quarter, it is indeed timeless & truly national. Here's some geography trivia: The golden spike was driven at "Promontory Utah." Not Promontory Point-- which is out in the middle of the Lake, nor Promontory Summit-- which is the top of a mountain. Just plain "Promontory.""

"Regarding the Utah quarter:
Snowboarder -- topical and flippant
Beehive -- religious and local
Promentory Point -- Timeless and truly national"

"It's a shame that the people of Arizona still had not yet design a quarter even though it has wonderful scenes that could be on the proposed design on it,like the grand canyon.the same goes for alaska"

"For the Hawaii State Quarter Design that is to be released October 2008 as the 50th State Quarter as the 50th State Quarter,fifth for 2008 there are no good themes shown yet as to be selected from."

"Utah's beehive designs looks like a 1970's hairdo, i go for the trains!"

"For the Three Design Choices the Girl Snowboarder is the best by far of the three selected designs and It is this design that Stands out as the one that should be the Winning Utah Quarter,the Other two Selections are nice but still not so appealing as the Girl Snowboarding"

"The Washington design with the fish and the mountain gets my vote. Who came up with the third design, the one that looks like "RoboFish""

"The Snowboarder would be such a huge mistake for the Utah quarter. Big mistake. The design that best describes the State is obviously the Crossroads of the West locomotive design. After all that is what makes Utah a major part of westward expansion. Not only that but the Snowboarder is a fad. The Beehive is a cute design, but it doesn't have quite the impact that Utah deserves. Erin SLC, Utah"

"how to vote for beehive utah quarter"

"I hope the salmon/Mt. Rainier design is the one that is selected for Washington. The state outline design has been done many times already, and the whale looks like it was drawn by a 3rd grader. "

"The Utah quarter design should have been the Delicate Arch. The 3 designs submitted are boring reflections on the great State of Utah."

"Out of the three proposed for Utah, seeing as how everyone in the U.S. will see it, and judge our state by it, the snowboarder is by far more appealling than the other two boring designs; the beehive being the worst. - Jay - Layton, Utah"

"Please post this narrative next to the UTAH delicate arch quarter design:"

"On the Utah quarter, Definitely the two trains. It looks the best. If that snowboarder is on my quarter I'll stop using quarters alltogether. The beehive sounds good on paper but I don't like the look of the proposed design - dullsville. Rich - Roy, Utah"

"Utah, please do not go with the winter sports design."

"Alaska'll get an idea any day now..."

"Suddenly the sun is being depicted on three of the 2006 quarters, where no previous quarter had it. Is this the beginning of a trend among mint artists?"

"what does the kansas quarter look like?"

"What are the availability dates for the 2006 state quarters?"

"Pearl Harbor should be on the Hawaii quarter, because it's a symbol of the state. Not that I think the bombing of the Murrah building is a good choice for Oklahoma."

"the iditard would make a good quarter for alaska"

"what are the different kinds of bridges?"

"It would be really great if the owners of this web-site establish a sister web-site for the new Presidential golden dollars that are to be released from 2007 to 2017."Quarterdesigns: You can find them right here at

"Now it's down to just Alaska and Arizona as to which State will be the last to submit designs for their State Quarter. My vote as to which State will be the last to do so goes to Arizona."

"As a Wyomingite, I hope the bucking horse isn't on the Wyoming quarter. That's all we need is for our reputation as a dumb hick state to be furthered even more."

"Oklahoma, an Indian on a horse thats all?!?! Why is there nothing about oil?"

"you can update your 06 quarter images now. the mint has them available for download on their website."

"RE:Proposed Hawaiian designs. I think number 12 should be the one that wins. It embodies a good picture of all that is Hawaiian. Number 11 would be my second choice."

"Oklahoma needs an oil derrick or the sooner land rush"

"How can you not have a covered wagon depicting the land rush on Oklahoma? It has to be!"


"I think that the Illinois quarter should have the Sears Tower on it."

"I think Puerto Rico,Guam,American Samoa,Virgin Islands,Northern Mariana Islands,and D.C should get a quarter.
i think the arizona quarter should have the grand canyon design on it.
i think alaska should have a alaskan native(inuitor eskimo whichever) holding a kayak paddle and a pipeline with a polar bear."

"At least Idaho's narritives didn't include a picture of a potato....."

"Don't you just love it when the Governor asks the people (of any state) to submit quarter ideas but never use them"

"Wyomings best quarter is the choice of the cowboy bronco with the "Incused" design mountains in the background. Way to go Wyoming."

"Alaska better have a grizzly bear on the quarter!"

"ALL eligilble votes in their respective states should be given the opportunity to vote for their state quarter. Leave the special interest groups and committees, and especially all politicians, out of it!"

"Well, that shoots it. My Montana quarter design is not a finalist. I'm a pathetic loser."

"I believe Montana is considering a design that features "Big Sky Country," probably not unlike one of the examples recently put on its page."

"Idaho has sent in its designs, and I believe the peregrine falcon is being considered, along with the Bitterroot Mtns., a series of farms, and the outline of the state accompanied by lyrics from the state song."

"I'm astonished that someone would describe the Oregon quarter's detail as "fuzzy blobs" at quarter scale?? Examine, in your hand, Oregon's quarter, then Texas' quarter, and if you still prefer yours, then you need to get out of that Texas dust and into some Oregon fresh air!!!"

"what state had the corn on the back that the leaf was folder down looking for information on quarter" Quarterdesigns: It was the Wisconsin quarter

"I'm familiar with Marent Trestle because I live in East Missoula. The background mountain scene in the latest Montana quarter design on this site is a photo taken from the back side of Mt. Jumbo. I have close friends in Ronan."

"Of the 15 States that still have not issued their State Quarter only Idaho(2007),Arizona(2008)and Alaska(2008)have not shown any designs for their State Quarters. If I lived in any of those States I would be ashamed that my State was one of only three that has seen fit to not issue any designs for their State quarter. It will be interesting to see which one of these States ends up as the last one to publish designs and official mint designs for their State Quarter."

"I think Nevada should have a star in the middle of the quarter with horses."

"How do you know the Marent Trestle? What part of Montana are you from? I'm from Ronan"

"The Californian quarter looked better with the "Hollywood and "The Golden Gate Bridge" Can you let me vote for the one that's coming up next? Thanx!"

"The South Dakota design was pretty easy to figure out. but when will the 2007 designs appear on this website?"

"Perhaps "Marent Trestle" northwest of Missoula Montana should be on the Montana quarter. That bridge is fantastic, as is the West Virginia design."

"John Muir, I'm from california and I didn't know about him for a long time, he does not deserve to be on our quarter! It should have been like, Yosemite, or San Fransisco, or the golden gate bridge! I live in the mountains and John Muir is not famous except to my old teacher Mr. Helling who does story telling about him and him alone! He taught us everything there is to know about Mr. Muir and it didn't interest me at all! So he is interested in nature, so am I and I'm not on a quarter! He is not in our California history books and He does not need to be a represenative of this state! My opinion won't matter in the long run but I'm saying this anyways. I did not pour passion into this I just thought you aught to know. Thanx. "

"I don't like the West Virginia design. It reminds me of this old train trestle northwest of Missoula, Montana"

"I like the West Virginia quarter with the New River Gorge Bridge image on it(I've traveled both ways on this bridge on vacation year after year). It looks as though the quarter's design was based on a National Parks Service photo of the bridge with one not so small detail left off of the quarter:the old Fayette Station bridge clearly visible near the bottom of the NPS photo. For proof I recommend checking I'm still glad,though,that they chose this architectural wonder to be on their quarter."

"Thanks for the tip on NEVADA! apreciated!!"

"Dear "Why,exactly,is New Hampshire...?", I think you meant to say "was" a truly unique formation. Perhaps you don't follow the news, the "formation" is no longer there. It collapsed."

"I'm sorry but I was looking at the New Mexico designs, I mean who would want credit from coming up with the Atom-bomb. My vote is definately for the hot air baloons."

"It seems that no one really cares for the Nevada Quarter. However, Nevada is one of the last few places on Earth where wild horses run free. Just something to think about."

"when is idaho going to submit ideas??"

"So far Utah has no designs here, i am afraid with such beautiful scenes, that they come up with a silly one, like Nevada that did not use the style that EVERYONE associated with the state, we can see horses all around the world, to me the train an ACES quarter was the best! "

"I Love this site and can not thank you and all for this site. i make copies of the quarters and give to people of ask for them when i am at work and help them a little looking for the new coins"

"This is the design narrative for the Utah quarter you have posted: Thanks, ~Andrew

There are 7 WORLD CLASS wonders in Utah ALONE:
1. Awe-inspiring arches
2. Breathtaking Bryce Canyon
3. Vast Bonneville Salt Flats
4. Colorful Canyonlands National Park
5. Incredible Dinosaur National Monument
6. Extraordinary Great Salt Lake
7. Wondrus Zion National Park

Our state's incredible concentration of natural treasures in unequaled on our planet. These natural wonders are what makes Utah U-nique!
I chose to represent Utah on the quarter in this way because it is all-inclusive of Utah's geography and its people. Utah's natural wonders are are a source of pride for each of us regardless of race and religious or political affiliation."

"))))OKLAHOMA should have a child reading a book upside-down or know, to represent the worst schools in the nation. Either that or a drunk Indian. I'm not saying that Indians are drunks...just all the Indians I know have drinking problems."

"YES! Texas is simple and recognizable, it's the second ugliest quarter behind MICHIGAN!! lol"

"Texas is simple and recognizable. These detailed scenes (see Oregon) are fuzzy blobs at coin scale. You can tell a Texas quarter instantly in a handful of coins."

"Why, exactly, is New Hampshire hated so much? The Old Man of the Mountain is a truly unique formation, and I think it is accurately rendered. Maybe the stars make it too cluttered, but this is the symbol of the state. Yes, Michigan is very boring and Nevada REALLY missed an opportunity, but I don't understand the hatred of the New Hampshire design.
Utah has an early proposition featuring delicate arch. I can't imagine the quarter wouldn't feature that landmark. It's on every state publicity publication, the license plate, you name it. The Salt Lake Temple would be a striking design, but religious symbols are too controversial to include. I really think the arch will beat out challengers like the Golden Spike, etc."


"The White House would be a bad idea because it's NOT IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, sheesh! An American who doesn't know that fact, and then calls someone who points that out a "Bush hater Liberal talking nonsense", pretty much sums up why this program had to have limited public input for the designs. "

"Washington just wrapped its design submission program, and Mt. Rainier led with 43% of the ideas. Other popular suggestions for inclusion included the Space Needle, apples, salmon, Mt. St. Helens, evergreen trees, and Grand Coulee Dam. (8/11/2005 Seattle Times, B2) "

"I think DC should get a quarter--"No taxation without representation!""

"The top three quarter design ideas in Montana are Dinosaurs, the Charlie Russell bison skull that can be seen on Montana license plates and a grizzly bear."

"The California quarter for me is the weakest design for the 2005 series. I would have gone with the Hollywood Sign and the Golden Gate Bridge because everyone around the US who gots this coin would know the state more than the John Muir coin because both are well-known famous landmarks! The 49er miner would also be a good one for California because it shows the history of "The Golden State"."

"It's about time for the mint to decide what to follow up the state quarter program. I think a National Park program would be great."

"This is a entertaining and useful Web site. As our organization collaborates with the governor on a design for the state of Idaho it was helpful to see the process and submitted designs for other states. Thanks for doing this."

"Why would the White House be a bad idea? Its a great idea to put a very historical structure on the coin. Or are you just some sort of Bush hater Liberal talking nonsense again?"

"Response to "GET A LIFE" - If you don't like some of the comments...why don't "YOU" go somewhere else. It's a "comments" section... I assume that means "pro" and "con". If someone doesn't like something...I believe our founding fathers felt it was important that they be able to say so. Some of the quarters are pretty darn good, but some really stink...and I think we should be able to state it."

"LMAO someone on this page wrote "i think the washington quarter should have the white house on it" hahaha are you kidding me?"

"Wyoming has 5 great idea for their quarter!!! I like the 3rd one, with the cowboy symbol with the tetons mountains done in "INCUSE" behind it!!!! This with have a nice 3D effect and incorperates the people and land features of this great state.- and i am NOT from Wyoming"

"I don't usually complain about the coin designs, but did Nevada miss the boat or what! Mr. Carr's design was the best that they had to chose from. Mr. Carr had everything that Nevada represents on his coin design. What a sad day for Nevada. If anyone from the mint is reading this, please reconsider?"

"Arizona must put a Saguaro cactus somewhere on its coin; perhaps also Bell or Cathedral from Sedona. The Grand Canyon is so vast, but it is also a possibility."

"I'm not so sure that the U.S. Mint thought-up the idea for the commemorative quarters. The idea may have been stolen from the Canadian Mint which minted a commemorative quarter for each province several years ago!"

"Washington had two cities host the World's Fair: Seattle in 1962 and Spokane in 1974. Maybe the state could include landmarks from both fairs -- the Space Needle in Seattle and the Spokane main pavilion."

"How about an image of Jim Thorpe, Athlete of the Half-Century, on Oklahoma's quarter?"

"Montana Quarter Commission created:"

""# Oklahoma: Will Rogers or the Sooner land rush"?
The Sooners were people who cheated in their claims. Why not have Bonny and Clyde? They were theives too."

"Stick up the nickel designs while you're at it..."

"I think Washington should put Grand Coulee Dam on their quarter Mt. Rainer is on their licence plates."

"Suggested designs for the remaining quarters:

  • Montana: Lewis and Clark travelling with Sacajawea or a scene that evokes "The Treasure State"
  • Washington: Mount Rainier or Olympic Nat'l Park rainforest
  • Idaho: Craters of the Moon or a scene featuring the Snake River
  • Wyoming: Yellowstone, or a silhouette of the cowboy and the bucking bronco
  • New Mexico: Cliff Dwellings or the Carlsbad Caverns
  • Utah: Rainbow Natural Bridge or Great Salt Lake
  • Arizona: Grand Canyon or Painted Desert
  • Oklahoma: Will Rogers or the Sooner land rush
  • Alaska: Mount McKinley or "The Last Frontier"
  • Hawaii: USS Arizona Memorial or one of the volcanoes
  • "

    "KANSAS- I am from Kansas and I can say that are quarter is the worse so far! Everyone will look at our quarter and think "which state is this one from?" I love the Sunflower with the banner that says "There's no place like home". Everyone would know that it was from Kansas. But of course we have to have a boring quarter to go along with our boring state. Why don't we just change our state solgan from "the wheat state" to "The Boring State"."

    "The Hawaiian coin should have sugar cane and the flower "bird of paradise" "

    "Here are my thoughts from the latest mint picks.
    The Nevada quarter chosen was the one that I thought was symbolically the poorest of the proposed designs. Being from the east, I just don't think of Nevada as being represented by horses, and the design was cluttered. I must agree that Mr. Carr's design had the others beat hands down, and being a coin collector, I loved the Carson City gold piece included in the design. From the mint designs, I think the miner would have been the most appropriate choice.
    For Nebraska, I thought the best design was chosen, one that included history and a nice natural scene, although it is funny that the wagon is headed in the wrong direction, as pointed out by others.
    Of the nice Colorado designs, I thought the Centennial State with the C and state flower was the neatest design, and I would have picked Mesa Verde and Pikes Peak next over the design chosen.
    For North Dakota, I thought the best design was chosen, and it is much nicer than the strange looking bison shown on the Kansas quarter.
    For South Dakota, I thought the plain Mt. Rushmore should have been chosen, although I would have liked to have "Mount Rushmore" written in the blank space below the design. I agree that the design chosen does make it look like our presidents are worried about the monstrosity hovering overhead!"

    "I never thought I'd say it, but in this case of the quarters, South Dakota is better than North Dakota. What were the people in my state thinking when they put some boring old bison on the quarter? There's already been a bison nickel and I see Kansas got stuck with the bison too. If they would just sit down and think awhile, I think they could've come up with something a lot more interesting for the great state of North Dakota!"

    "2006 looks like the best group of quarters since 2001. South Dakota is the only disappointment."

    "after looking at Hawaii's early state quarter designs design #4 is my favorite"

    "This website is really helpful."

    "Despite some minor details, 2006, taken as a whole, may be the best year yet of the state quarters program. No state outlines, lots of animals and scenery, generally simple designs - well done."

    "I was dissappointed that I did not see any e-mail/web site for comments on our state quarter until the N.D. quarter design had been chosen. I had been looking in the papers and not until May 27,2005 did I finally see one."

    "Having the design done outside of N.D. by none North Dakotans, I feel is a betrayal to the good people of our STATE. The design should have been opened up to the people of our STATE in our STATE constant, at the very least first, before some alien was granted a carte blank exclusive. The Bison design incorrectly signifies out state as a wild west land. Our forfathers broke this land with the wagon wheel, a vast farming breadbasket to supply the growling nation with food and jumped into the industrial age with oil production in the western part of the STATE which both signify what and who we are! Not a pretty attractive design bison that people will oh and ah at. Sincerely, Dennis Kulas"

    "The coin the Gov. picked the mountains dont look like our Rocky Mountains. It's just a bunch of up and down marks for mountain outline."

    "North Dakota press release May 26th names Bison design for state quarter.
    Colorado press release May 31 names "Colorful Colorado" as winning design for state quarter.
    Nebraska press release June 1 "Chimney Rock" as governor's selection for the state quarter design.
    Nevada State Quarter winning design "Morning in Nevada" at the State Treasurer's website."

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